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Blog Calendar Reload
I have been waiting for a good blog calendar for Joomla. This one allows me to display by date (for active blogs) or by year/month with counts (for less active blogs). It also gives me a EDIT CSS link on the module so don't have to go hunt this down.
byrichm, May 15, 2009
I used this on one site for awhile, and recently installed 1.2.4 on another site, but today, I ended up uninstalling it on both and installing another plugin which works just as well and does not have the advertising (backlink, alt-text, etc). The author recommended editing source code to remove the backlink and the alt text, but I don't like having to change source code when there are other options available. If this were a configurable option, I would return to using this product, because otherwise, it works very well. With social bookmarking tools, in particular, the tool is supposed to be about helping you "earn" links, not giving them away on every page of your website. It is bad enough that addthis adds their link to the pulldown, but at least I am getting some universal recognition and some great analytics out of the deal.
byrichm, June 13, 2007
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AJAX Shoutbox
I absolutely love this little shoutbox, and I use it on several sites. However, it conflicts with several other applications, such as some moo effects, and the JCE editor. If you have a problem with IE6 and get a "cannot be displayed" error, it is most likely this shoutbox in conflict with something else on the page. In my case, I love the shoutbox enough that I just turn it off on those pages. The code is easy to read and easy to modify.
byrichm, February 4, 2007
Simple Image Gallery
Love it, entirely.

Feature Request: I am displaying images with irregular aspect ratios. Is it possible to make it so that thumbnails display in the center of their space, rather than at the top/left corner. That way, tall/skinny or short/wide thumnails will be more evenly distributed on the page.

Thanks loads for a great tool.
byrichm, January 27, 2007
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I have tried FacilForms, PerForms, Phil-a-Form, mosForms, and others going back to the Mambo days. What these two guys are doing is top notch, turning mosForms into the BEST form tool and database management tool available for Joomla. I also sweated through several other database extensions, such as Database Query and Table Manager, and this is WAY easier. I paid for the manual and tutorials, and taking the tutorials cut my learning curve by 80%, plus I got instant replies to my forum questions, and two patches via email to add some extra formatting features that will appear in the next version. I did a presentation for a client this morning and it absolutely BLEW THEM AWAY! My application had two primary tables plus two lookup tables (to populate pull-downs), and I had different table views and different versions of the data entry forms and/or detail pages for public access, registered users, sales reps (authors), and administrators. You define the fields and Fabrik automatically creates or updates the tables for you in MySQL. Users can easily filter the lists or sort on any field by clickng on the title (you decide what they should be allowed to do). Also, you can use a mambot/plugin to include a table or form inside an article, or use their module to put a table or form in any module position. Next, I will be "joining" Fabrik tables with Joomla tables so that users can view data from multiple sources in the same list or edit window. All this after downloading the software two days ago. I am a full-time web designer and have implemented many dozens of joomla sites, and this is the first time I have given any extension this kind of favorable review! The product is great, the development is active, the developers are knowledgeable, and the support is unparalleled (at least if you pay the 20 Pounds for the manual, etc). Without the tutorials, it may be a bit difficult for newer users to understand some of the database concepts, but it is probably worth investing a little bit of time learning about some of this (types of fields, joining tables, etc).
byrichm, April 26, 2006
A couple of bugs: The new menu system doesn't display on multiple lines when using the DocMan front end.

With IE, it sometimes fails to load completely, but I haven't had problems with FireFox.