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byrickyrick, February 20, 2013
OS Services Booking
I was reluctant to purchase anything for my joomla site, since there are so many wonderful things for free. But when it comes to schedulers, it seems that free is not always do-able.

I selected this product (OS Services Booking) because of the affordable price and all the good reviews. I have not been disappointed.

The program has a lot of options and so you may have to fool around with it to get it as you would like. We also ran into an odd problem (that proved difficult to reproduce) and so I added Dang Thuc Dam to skype, and at about 9pm EST that same day, he accepted and asked how he could help. I explained the problem, he recognized it and then he worked on it (had to give him user accounts). About 45 minutes later it was done and the hiccup was resolved.

Summary: Very nice product (affordable and lots of options) and very nice support (quick and effective). What more do you need?