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byrightfoot, March 15, 2012
The product is fine, if compared to others, there is nothing all that special about it but it works as it should. You do have a heck of a learning curve but then, it's SEO, what do you expect.

What I don't like about this product is that you buy it, you contribute to the forums by asking questions, perhaps answering some and generally helping the company in developing the product through your feedback.

As soon as your subscription runs out, guess what, you have ZERO access to support let alone forums. The GREED of companies like this and JomSocial has become a terrible practice which is fast spreading throughout the Joomla third party developer community.

Joomla is a great CMS but all of the TPD's have become terribly greedy with their 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. For the average user, this will scare many away to other CMS's when they realize just how crazy expensive it can get to run a site these days.

That is not the spirit of the Internet and supporting these companies in only ensuring that this spirit will be lost to pure commercialization at some point soon.
Owner's reply

Hi rightfoot

I'm glad you like the extension itself, and sorry support was not to your liking. Reading your review however, I'm not sure this is your real problem.
We believe forum is an efficient method to provide support. Please read reviews above and below yours, and you'll see many people do appreciate it.
Yes, after subscription has expired, you don't have access to support. Not sure how it can be otherwise.

Please consider also that:

- coming from a totally free of charge background, I have always made sure sh404SEF price is kept as low as possible. For instance, it is currently less than half of other extensions you mentioned
- subscription to sh404SEF is all inclusive: no separate support, plugins, doc whatever
- no restriction on domains, even for support
- we only have 1 year subscription, no short ones

You might find it to be expensive to build a web site today, but that's not because of sh404SEF. I won't comment on the spirit of the internet, too large a thing to handle ;)

But please search for "selling free software" and you'll find a page where the GPL license author strongly encourage GPL developers to charge for their software as much as they can, so that GPL-licensed software grows and replaces proprietary products.
We have just changed that to ".. charge as little as we can...", I hope most people like it that way ;)


byrightfoot, October 4, 2011
VideoWhisper  2 Way Video Chat
We installed the demo of three of these items as we were considering buying all three.

The support, or at least email exchanges were very frustrating. The people seem to be most defensive about anything you ask and are quick to get rude with you. Then again, it might be because I asked questions they didn't have answers for, I don't know.

The next problem is the so called trial version which is just 15 minute sessions then the server no longer accepts connections. This is most frustrating because it takes much more than 15 minutes to start a conference, walk people into getting set up, etc etc.

Internally, the video was very bad at times and for remotes, almost unusable. We did have a few successful moments however but they were always short lived by the 15 minute timeout.

I think the software looks nice, nothing any more special than other flash based solutions however and does seem to promise something good once the company matures a little more.

It is too easy to put out endless marketing materials that hype up a product and too many companies spending more energy on marketing and selling than actually supporting their users.

At this time, I would be nervous about purchasing from this company.
Owner's reply

The 15 minute limit in free mode applies per room. You can create as many rooms as needed from admin area (or frontend in latest version) and continue tests. Also you can configure room to reset credits daily so it can also be used the next day.

To avoid free mode limitations, software can be licensed for limited time (ie. monthly) and there is a 30 days money back guarantee enforced by most billing processors in case it doesn't work as advertised.