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byrightminddesigns, April 20, 2012
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This extension shows promise but still has room for improvement. Currently, the sales tax can not be limited to orders shipped to a specific state or jurisdiction. The developer was nice enough to offer customization, but 8-10 hours was out of budget for this project. If it is developed, I am sure I would not be the only one willing to pay for the extension or even a plug-in for the extension to have that capability.
Owner's reply

J2Store is essentially a simple shopping cart. We have never mentioned that we are offering all the features of a shopping cart.

If you look at the features, we have clearly said what it would do. It was not fair to expect something that was not at all available in the features list.

We also kindly informed about the non-availability of such a feature. Even then you chose to wrote an unfair review.

JED editors should consider removing this review.

byrightminddesigns, June 29, 2007
Akeeba Backup
I was able to move a site to a new host in about 90 minutes, including the time to FTP all of the files to the new host. Even though I used the latest version of this component and the site is using an old (1.0.10) version of Joomla. This was great!

I initially tried to use JoomlaCloner, but the old hosting environment was too restrictive and did not have ZIP or TAR on it. Installed JoomlaPack, and was able to backup the site and download it the first time within a minute.

Just be sure to follow the suggestions posted here by others when moving to a new host, and this will work like a charm! Kudos!!
byrightminddesigns, May 1, 2007
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RSS Browser
...the Thickbox+ effect does not work. I tried installing both the regular and Prototype versions of Thickbox+ and the articles still open in the parent window, taking users away from the site instead of leaving them with the stories open in front of the site window.

It pulls the RSS feed just fine...but I can't seem to get it to work as fully demonstrated. I posted on the forum for help 4 days ago with no response. I sent an e-mail to the developer yesterday. I don't expect an immediate response, however it just says that there is not a lot of support for this component.

Too bad, too. I wanted to give this an Excellent rating. :(
Owner's reply

This user did neither understand the concept nor the installation process. She installed Slick(!) RSS and complained, it would not open a thickbox.... I don't know what to say - please ignore this review!