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byrikathome, July 3, 2012
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I gave it a fair, as it does a fair job. At the most basic levels it functions ok. It is a tad fiddly with the module injectors to say the least and they really shouldnt be needed.

So... installed the beast, interface looks pretty as well, the owners have put a lot into the way it looks in admin for sure.

Very fiddly setting up the injection modules and after reading lots of posts got something I was half happy with, moved on. Next I have 20 seats, 20 people have booked ok thats cool, but what about if people want to go on a waiting list ? sorry, tough, it isnt going to happen here. For an events module I was quite shocked that it couldnt handle this ! I do find it hard to beleive no one has wanted this.

Checked in the forums and it has been requested but ignored so all of a sudden the module is useless for anything but very basics

You also cant list by venues, just by events. You can put up a UL list of venues (really not exciting!). The events on is ok, but the venues is quite missing.

The website for this module is very bling indeed I must admit to being pulled in by the glitz and of course like a lot of components now you have to pay for 'support' but the components are 'free'. Strangly , like most, you cannot download the compoent only with no support but have to pay for the support. Im all for somebody earing some money, and have paid for many good components, but what I dont like is hiding behind the truth this way, come on guys, if the compoent is really free then it should be downloadable free, but you have to pay before you get access to it lol.

All in all, there are quite a few event managers out there that can do a simple waiting /reserve list, so money down the drain for me but be warned and move on if you want this functionality!
Owner's reply

dear Rikathome, as written to you on the support platform, we can not satisfy everyone's need and for sure we can not satisfy every one's request of developing their personal features that they personally need. we had to make some decisions and left out some feature that could probably fit in the future development pipeline.

in any case on the product page you had a full features list, detailed features tour, faq section, contact form and three full demos to try out and know everything in advance.

you could have avoided to come here manifesting your disappointment by this way on the jed, which shouldn't be the place for features requests actually.