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byripperman, July 11, 2013
I have just finished setting up my website (I run a minecraft gaming site) with SIMGallery, and I must say this is one extension that deserves all the credit it can get.

First of, they weren't kidding when they say SIMGallery works just like Facebook. There are so many details that went into this extension, it's just breathtaking. I especially like how you can leave comments and like photos when viewing a list of photos without having to view each photo. Other things I found really useful include:
- how you can change a photo or album's privacy level in 1 click
- how you can delete photos and set them as profile picture in 1 click
- the uploading is very sleek. Just for fun, I tested it with my android tablet and it works too!
- the keyword tagging is especially useful for my users. Now they can tag their photos based on the list of minecraft mods keywords I've set.
- all the drag and drop features

The installation was straightforward. The only support I needed was finding the language file. For some reason the language file is not in the normal Joomla language folder, but in the component's folder itself.

All in all I am very pleased with the extension. Like I said, it's just stunning how much attention is paid to small details that really improve the user friendliness. If I could, I'd give it 6 stars!
Owner's reply

Thanks! Appreciate the review. We have several new things planned, so do check back often :)

byripperman, December 24, 2011
Initially I was a bit apprehensive after reading the last 2 reviews, and I've tried their demo a while ago and it doesn't seem to work (I found out it was caused by outdated Openinviter plugins and there's nothing they can do), but decided to go for it since they are having a 25% sale. And my god it is AMAAAAAAZING! I mean, it really blew my mind!!

The new version looks stunning. Like the description said, it really looks Facebook's inviter, so my users have no problems using it. It also uses "apps" of Hotmail, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where users can login, import contacts and send messages to these services directly. This way is so much better! The industry has been using OAuth for so long, and I've tried searching for a non-Joomla solution, but they all cost hundreds of dollars. I'm so thrilled there is finally something for Joomla!

I can't emphasize how important it is to use OAuth for login. Users trust it more, because they are sending their details directly to the service provider. I've been using another invites sender, and they are using Openinviter, which uses screen scraping and is very unreliable and not secured. Everytime Facebook updates something, it breaks, but Openinviter  never release fixes! It's frustrating, even though I understand there's nothing the extension developers can do. By using the services own APIs, you can be sure it won't break when they change something. 

All in all I give major props to the guys at simbunch. They really got this right. The interface is so nifty. The "Invites History" is easy to use and looks fantastic. Even though I was initially worried about support, they replied about 32 hours after I posted a ticket, and I'm fine with that.