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I really like this program but it has a bug that make things difficult if you are not careful. I have a joomla site that is not installed in the root directory of the website.

For example my website is installed in /new/ folder on the website.

I have placed Audio files in the /new/audio/ Directory.

When you set up your folders in folder's settings it asked you for the name of the folders. You have to put /new/audio/ in the folder name place for the component to play the audio files on the front end.

If at some point you decide to upload a new file using the component's back end it will recreate a folder called /new/new/audio and place it in that folder. The file will then not play on the front end. In order to make it play you would have to change the folder setting to /new/new/audio.

If your site is in the root directory this does not apply to you because both the upload and the folder setting would be set at /audio/ instead.

Overall I really like this module and our site it planning to be moved to the root directory in the future so it will work fine.

I tried to report this to the company but the support like on this site did not work. I am hoping they check these reviews and can fix this in future versions and I thought I would warn the people with permanent sites NOT in the root directory.
Owner's reply

Hi risenfenix,

Thanks for pointing out the broken link. I have fixed the info so the support link works.

Re. the issue with the upload. This is because you have the wrong entries in the folders form. The first box (Title - Server) should be the url of your site ie. The second box (Title - folder) should be the folder path after the url ie. audio. If you change that you should find everything will work okay.