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byrivo, September 15, 2014
JM CSS3 shortcode
... with just the functions needed, but in reality it just doesn't work. Too bad. :(
byrivo, June 21, 2013
Restaurant Menu - Speisekarte
Looks promising, but ...
Looks promising since it doesn't have many alternatives. Looks simple to manage and to do the job, but in reality there is no documentation (standard installation guide of all Joomla! extensions doesn't count), no way to get support (not even an e-mail or contact form).

And to top it all, it was impossible to add Dines (items). It just showed cryptic message and that's all. Same story on Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.1

So considering the current state of that extension, the rating is 1-2 stars,
byrivo, October 26, 2011
One star is missing just because it lacks multilanguage suport. ;)

Other than that it's great.
byrivo, December 21, 2009
Extremely flexible, useful and invaluable for many use-cases.
byrivo, December 1, 2006
Previous writers have told the most, so all I can do, is to repeat - very good and promising component. There are shortcomings, but the author is working on them.
Really really impressive!