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byrjspence, September 30, 2010
I'll rate this excellent in thought. But in practice if this would allow me to not rate, I would not.

In grid mode it somewhat works, but standalone it doesn't. In grid mode the sync between user db's isn't working in firefox on linux. This doesn't work on standalone either.

I do think that the focus should be on standalone first however as most are on localhost working on the software with a grid mode not being the stronger necessity until it works proper in standalone.

The other suggestions would be to verify that the syncing etc.. is working on both windows and linux.

I hope you continue with this as there are more than a few that would love to have this working.

Good start.
Owner's reply

I did talk before hand with some running OpenSim and almost all had gridmode running. So I focused first this version. But I agree and dont worry, I'll have a look to standalone as soon as possible :)

I'm more worried about the message not working on FF on linux. All my linux's are server and dont even have a graphical desktop installed, so I can not reproduce this issue.

If you're interested, I invite you to my forum at to post more information about it (maybe with some screenshots) so I can have a closer look.

On desktop, I'm a windows user (yes ... guilty) but I definately do not want to neglect linux desktops!

byrjspence, September 26, 2009
This is pretty nifty. Allows for you to use your intensedebate accounts. Which is nice. I ended up not particularly liking the off site approach and purchased Jomcomments/Jomsocial for the purpose.

But if you need a good integration for off site commenting services, this would be the real deal.

Downfall is, every time you load a page, it connects to the off site service and slows down the load access times. If the off site service is having issues, you may not have a page load. That is certainly not the issue of the plug however, but I found the outside service to not be acceptable.

Nice work.
byrjspence, September 26, 2009
This is my favorite out of the three commercial form proggies I've bought. Intuitive, good flow, code output is what I would would expect. And I do like the way it handles scripts. This is a five star form creation tool in comparison to others I've worked with lately.

byrjspence, September 24, 2009
Since Rockettheme release this, I've used nothing else. It's not perfect, but far better for my ancient work flow style. Hand work etc.. Not liking wysiwyg editors, this is a major plus for my work.

Add this plus firebug, gedit, and web developer plugins for Firefox and your down the road in style. Or style sheets.

Thanks for the code!
byrjspence, September 24, 2009
Plugins and components come and go when I try them. Commercial or not, if they don't do the job, they are gone. If I look at the code and it looks like a four year old coded it, it's gone.

Jumi is a great work and I see no reason to not continue to improve on it. It's a main stay in the list of first installations on a joomla site.

Keep up the good work. And thank you for your contribution to Joomla.
byrjspence, September 22, 2009
Saxum IPLogger
Your idea is good, love the simplistic approach. But the real issue here is just what was written.

1) You have a list now of all the logins and no way to purge the list. I had to do this manually in the database. Not good and this should be priority number one. There need be a way to purge the list.

2) Grouping. You need to group IP by login or username. This was also mentioned with the other review. If I login 400 times, this should only show under my username. Not all mixed and mashed in the same page with all other IP. So some grouping is needed here.

Other than that, I like it. But it is close to unusable without being able to purge some data. And no one really wants to do this manually, it's to time consuming.

Would like to see these improvements, this could be a very useful tool.
Owner's reply

Please check version 2.0