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byrleathers, July 27, 2013
Recently migrated several thousand files (hundreds of folders) into the DocMan2 beta. A few glitches were found and reported. The DocMan team quickly worked code fixes into RC1 and deployed them on my site. Even though this isn't an "official release" for DocMan2, the software is solid, the support exceptional.
Its incredibly easy to use. The dev team is very responsive to user feedback, with several workflow improvements seen in the past weeks.

Strongly recommended.
byrleathers, August 21, 2012
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Ive been using MobileJoomla on a Joomla 1.5 since their public beta. It has grown into an impressive tool and I strongly recommend it to anyone. As with any quality extension, if you want support you should buy a subscription. If you use any other 3rd party extensions, you will probably need tech support.

The users of my site are mostly mobile. A stable mobile component was not optional. MobileJoomla has been a dependable solution.

It does an excellent job of displaying a specific template for a specific type of mobile device. If you use a quality mobile template, you can get very good results.
Unless you buy the Pro version, expect an increae in the size of your database. Know the limits of your shared hosting plan.
It works well with K2 and Kunena. I'm sure there are other extensions it works well with, these are just two it does excecptionally well.
It can be tricky to configure. Read all the instructions. Read the forums. BACKUP before you install and backup again as you change settings.
Support for the free version is decent. Support for the Pro version is excellent.
If you do not understand Joomla's temnplate overrides, you might find it difficult to get good results at first. Learn how to use template overrides and you can build a blazing fast, beautiful mobile site.

This component isn't for the Joomla newbie. But if you have a simple site, backup first and give it a try.
Works exactly as expected. Easy to install. Easy to use. You can link to K2 items and tags from the Advanced Link Manager in JCE 2.
byrleathers, February 16, 2011
JW Player
I needed a way to easily implement HTML5 video in our articles with a good fallback to Flash so we bought the licensed version of JW Player. I am very happy with the product.

Performance - works almost perfectly. Serves up standard def and hi-def video on desktops.
Works on Apple devices and Android devices almost flawlessly (small resize issue with Apple devices)
Falls back to Flash player exactly as expected.

Supoprt - Haven't needed it because of the very detailed documentation and forums.

Functions much like other video plugins (like AllVideos or AllVideos Reloaded). I haven't used the module because I am putting all our video content into articles via the plugin. So if you have any experience calling a plugin from within an article, you can use JW Player.

This next comment has nothing to do with the product but I feel it is important to note:
You have to encode your video properly if you want to move to HTML5. No player/plugin will work if your video isn't sized and encoded properly.
byrleathers, August 12, 2010
Search & Replace for Joomla!
For doing exactly what it says it will do, I give it an excellent rating.

It will search your content (articles) and make simple changes, no wildcards or anything fancy. If you have hardcoded links you need to change sitewide, this is the tool for you. If you moved all your images from one folder to a different one, this is the tool for you.

Honestly, its a little scary to use. BACKUP first! After that, cross your fingers and hope it works because the tool does not prompt you with the results of your search before making the replacements. However, I am not going to rate it poorly because it doesn't do this. It would be fantastic if it did though!
byrleathers, June 9, 2010
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Core Design FAQ
Easy to use and works exactly as expected.
1. Make a new K2 content module and pick the items or categories to power the FAQ.
2. Install and enable the 2 plugins from Core Design
3. Include this in your article {faq moduleid="XX"} where XX is the K2 content module ID

Beautiful templates (uses jQuery UI ThemeRoller)
Even works in evil IE6!
Very clear documentation.

Can't get any better than this. I'm a big fan of MooFAQ but it doesn't work with K2. So I tried Core Design FAQ. Just fantastic.
My Favorite Pages
This is a great tool for any website. I highly recommend it.
I had a small problem with the database table not being created. But once I setup the table manually, the module worked perfectly.