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byrliskey, May 2, 2008
Powerful set of features while avoiding scope creep. Fast, easy-to-use, and to the point. Nice attention to detail, such as adding a handy notes field for quick configuration reminders.
byrliskey, February 1, 2008
Simple Image Gallery
1. Good, clean code
2. Nice layout
3. Easy installation
4. Plenty of documentation

1. There can only be one image caption, which is displayed for all images.
byrliskey, July 4, 2006
I was about to pull out some of my old code and try to write my own Joomla! Gallery extension. Now I don't need to. RSgallery2 has some rough edges, and is still in need of development but it has many advantages over all the other galleries I've tried on this list:
1) It work.
2) The displays look good.
3) It's easy to use.
4) It's fun to work with.
5) It does the job!

Looking forward to the next update.
byrliskey, July 3, 2006
After playing with it for less than an hour I think it's a great extension. Yep, will take a while to figure it all out and I'm not ready to go live with what I've go so far, but that's because I have more to learn.

It assumes a good knowledge of underlying technologies. I can see I need to bone up on advanced CSS and get my head around patTemplate. Not unreasonable expectations for anyone claiming to develop advanced interface features, such as this enables.

How about a field on this site for "Required knowledge/skills"? Here's what I'd put for ExtMenu:

Required knowledge: Advanced CSS, patTemplate, mod_mainmenu functions