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My sincere compliments to this developer...! I have used two of his products - sigplus Image Gallery, and this product showplus Image Slideshow. Both products were, as advertised, simple to download, install, and implement (and with great, easy to understand documentation, too!). I highly recommend both of these products, to Joomla "newbies" and to those who have more experience! Thanks again, and keep up the terrific "clean" work you're doing, developer!!!
byrmccamont, July 1, 2012
Google Maps by Reumer
Installed like a breeze, and had it up & running within 5 minutes. Even for a relative "newbie" such as myself, this was a snap. Highly recommend it. Please, do read the documentation, too, as it has some excellent tips about how to configure your {mosmap} tag in order to get your map to display correctly. And by the way, this is the most thorough documentation I have come across in ages! Well done, developer! Thanks!!!