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byrmeijer, November 6, 2013
SEO generator is a good generator, BUT...

Enable it only when you're writing and publishing articles. If not, disable it in the plugin area.
It terribly slows down your website.
Small webpages won't notice this problem, bigger ones do with 8 or more large articles.

Still, I can recommend it. It's a good generator.
byrmeijer, October 3, 2013
I tried to use this plugin. In the begin I loved it, but that disappeared quickly after my menu's were completely messed up. I had to restore theme all the time, so I prefer manual now.
byrmeijer, September 13, 2012
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This is now resolved and I apologise for this.

byrmeijer, August 23, 2010
AJAX Register
Spam... spam! Omg... all those fake accounts. With this extension it's history forever.

A must have for every website!

Thanks and keep on the good work!
byrmeijer, September 15, 2009
I can recommend this tool to everybody!
Not only because the tool is great, but also the support.

Just GREAT !

Thanks rsTeam!