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byrmpaolillo, December 9, 2012
This component is a MUST for every serious joomla developer.
If you want to add forms functionality that do anything you need this component.
I have been able to develop any kind of forms using this component. And I can tell you I am an exigent developer.
This component is not for everyone, but if you have a basic knowledge of ajax and php you will be able to make anything that comes across you mind.
The forum and site support from Max and his fellow greyhead is excellent. I have asked just one question on the forum and after 15 mins I have received 2 exhaustive replies both from Max and greyhead. Moreover the component is fully functional for free.
In my opinion this component is the best in joomla. Actually, without it I would not have used joomla at all. Thanks Max for your great job. Thanks greyhead for your excellent book, support etc.
Chrono Connectivity
I have been using chronoforms for about a year and I would say that it is so powerful. So far I have done everything that came across my mind.
Yes this does not mean it is for everyone but even for beginners this add-on can help a lot.
The most important thing is that on chronoform website the support is great.
Chronoforms is one of the best add-on joomla ever.
Thanks Max.