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byrnomis, May 3, 2012
CSV Advanced
This is only my second review of a Joomla extension.
I am a returning fan of Joomla not having used it for nearly 3 years and have forgotten most of what I knew. My php and SQL skills are mostly looking and hacking other peoples code at the most basic level and I really needed a quick way of importing products for a very difficult client. She wants it all for a bargain price.
It would have taken me around 6 hours to import each product and image into VM but I found this CSV import extension and thought it would do all I wanted. Unfortunately after spending around 7 hours trying, I was no further forward. It would import the products ok but wouldn't set the shopper groups or import images. The extensive documentation unfortunately assumes greater knowledge than I possess!
As I had paid for it I decided to try to get some support.

Quite honestly, this was (almost) the most pleasant experience I have ever had in my life.
Giang the developer talked me through things over the course of 2 days. I sent him my (very complicated)import file which he ammended and simplified and made some changes to the product code to make it do all I wanted.
Now instead of having to import Products and then do the same for images, the same template does the whole thing in one hit.
I can now produce a master csv sheet for my client to fill in with the product details; name, description, image details etc. and let me organise the sku, paths etc.
Now when the client wants changes to the shop inventory, I can use this to update everything in a couple of minutes. All I need to do is upload the images and run the script.
Along the way, I gained a lot of knowledge into how the script works.
My heartfelt thanks go out to Giang who has restored my faith in Customer Support!
byrnomis, April 12, 2012
XML/SWF Blaze Slide Show
OK, for a start their support is above average. I had 2 questions which were answered quickly within 24 hours.
I loved the module. There are lots of parameters to play around with to change the size, colour, style etc. I set it up for a multi language site and using the same image location I set up 4 different versions; 1 for each language.
However, the developers seem to think that the users must fit in with their design quirks.
I wanted to have explanation text on each image. This works fine if you restrict yourself to a few words that will fit on one line. If however like me you want to put enough text that needs two lines, it just doesn't work but instead breaks up a word with part on 1 line and the rest on the next.
I questioned this through the support site.
Their answer was to make the player large enough to fit the text.

Now why didn't I think of that? :-)

The other problem is that each browser (IE, Firefox & Chrome)renders the frame differently so adding spaces to where I wanted the line break to occur doesn't work as the space moves around. Their answer is to make sure the same version of Flash is used to view the site.
I am in the process of phoning all my potential viewers in 4 countries to make sure they all do this before looking.
There is one more issue when I put images with slightly different sizes, those that were 5 pixels wider had a large gap at each side when rendered.
Once they start to listen to potential customers, this is going to be a red hot extension.
byrnomis, March 20, 2012
FIVE STARS! edocman does what it says on the tin! Easy to configure even for me :)
Could do with more functionality but is very cheap for the price.
The bulk upload facility added today is going to make my life sooo easy.
Support is excellent. Tuan is keen to help and responds quickly to questions submitted on the forum