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byrnwstcktrdr, June 13, 2012
Akeeba Backup
Today Akeeba Backup saved me from disaster, and saved my business as well. After my host "betrayed" me and messed up my entire business website (ruined files, permissions, everything destroyed), and after everything else had failed, restoring my latest backup created by Akeeba Backup not only restored my website to perfection, but it did it so well as if disaster had never happened. It even fixed the file permissions that were completely ruined by my host. A COMPLETE TIME-MACHINE! I couldn't be happier.

Also, at some point I needed to ask a question and submitted a ticket to Nicholas. He not only replied back to me very fast, but he actually finished the process for me down to the last detail.

For as long as I have an online business or any other website, i will be using Akeeba backup for my backups. The process is so smooth that is hard to believe, and the result can bring you tears of happiness after escaping disaster. Nicholas, today you and your software saved me and my business. I am eternally grateful, and wish you all the best.
Nice Slide Show
This is a very satisfying extension, fully customisable, and looks very nice. The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is because it is a bit hard for newbies to create the tag that creates the slideshow (at least the first time), unless you use the default options, then it is easy. There is very detailed documentation in any case.
byrnwstcktrdr, March 25, 2012
Nice Watermark
The feature i like most is watermarking by image class. This can use the extension's customised defaults, without the need for tags or anything. You just set the class of your image to match the extension's watermark setting, and the image gets auto-watermarked. And everything is reversible.

Watermarking is currently only done by text, not image on image.
byrnwstcktrdr, March 25, 2012
Site Lock
You can just leave the site online (from global configuration), and just lock the site down from the extension, while allowing the users you want to view the site. These users are not stored in joomla users, only used by the extension! Plus you can really view the site as your users see it, not as admin (from the frontend), very useful!
byrnwstcktrdr, March 20, 2012
Blog Calendar Reload
Easy to install and use, customisable, and above all, it can do the job. I would give it 5 stars if the "read more" did not appear on every article (there is no way to remove it yet). If that was fixed, then definitely recommended extension.