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byroandr, August 12, 2008
Phoca Favicon
1. I tested it on Joomla! 1.5.5 and had some issue with the generated thumbs. When I re-uploaded edited versions of the image I used as base for my favicon (using the same file name) this component did not update the thumbs/favicon. Clearing the browser cache did not help. I had to manually delete the thumbs sub-directory (/images/phocafavicon/thumbs) to fix this.

2. It does not seem to support transparency - something that limits its uses.

Other than that I liked the easiness of the component.
byroandr, October 3, 2007
JCK Editor
I am getting frustrated with this plugin. From withing the editor everything looks ok, but after I click "Apply" or "Save" there is no telling what will show up. It changes my styling (font type, font size, paragraphs, puts in empty div tags etc). I find myself editing within the source code more that within the "WYSIWYG". It might have something to do with me using the "Apply" function rather than "Save".

Is it me or is it the plugin?