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byrobertcooney, February 25, 2011
NS Pro
I can't say enough about how good the developer is with this product. I was going to get the free version, but the pro version has so much more - and it is worth every cent.

Had an issue where the PayPal link failed after purchase (due to my system connection, NOT the developer). I emailed the developer and he got back to me right away with the software attached to an email.

Great job! Keep up the good work.
byrobertcooney, November 19, 2010
Love Factory
I need to disagree with mustata_radu on the bad support... I have had nothing but GREAT support from the Love Factory team. Specifically Alex. You can go tho their forum and post a message and they respond in short time. But don't take my word for it... Go and check their forum and look at the response times from other users...

I am using Love Factory and Chat Factory and they are both excellent. There were a few issues with the template I was using (Affinity by RocketTheme) that Alex helped me get through. (on the side of defense for "The Factory" products - anyone who has used Rocket Theme products know that they do a lot of customization to the core Joomla code, even including their own version of Joomla that need to be installed) So consider that whenever having an issue getting a component, module, plugin to work with Rocket Theme. Not saying it is bad, just different.

Anyway, I (and my team) are completely happy with Love Factory and Chat Factory and would recommend them without hesitation.

6 stars!