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byrobertscott, January 18, 2013
Attempted using ql for a simple inquiry.
It hacks me off.
I am sure it’s excellent for experts and prompt freaks.
For normal users it’s merely awful. I’ve wasted hours and couldn’t spot how to create my form elements by this XML thing.
The lack of regular field creation debases the extension to a very poor somethin’.
Owner's reply


thank you for your feedback. I would have been glad if you had asked for help, I'm sure, we could have made it work;-)

Concerning target group: Yes, originally this extension was concepted for devs. Yet in the meantime many non-devs use it successfully, too (was a little surprise for me:-). I get a lot of mails concerning qlform that are all answered - so I can improve it and make sure, the docu's really up to date.