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byrobflo, April 17, 2013
JUX Mega Menu
Was about to purchase a competing product. But realised that Dropdown Mega Menu would be better value... and it is. Really love the simple option to have the whole menu centered!!! I had a problem with a JQuery/Mootools conflict and lodged a support ticket... very promptly I was advised that the solution was simple, download their JQuery plugin and turn off conflicting module's JQuery... and it just worked (once I set the version correctly :D ) Great work team!
While myAPI is very cool and powerful, neither it nor any other ext that I have found allow for the Facebook feed from the main profile to be pulled into Joomla. LifeStream does this with ease. (Well it was easy after I realised that the client needed to create a fresh post so that I could see it. :-) -- Lifestream is not retroactive, which makes sense when you think about it -- Thanks Jeremy for your very prompt assistance. Very happy.
byrobflo, March 5, 2009
With the ability to manipulate any Joomla DB table including joining with fresh form data, the application power is huge. Once you get your head around the Fabrik approach, implementation is quite straight forward.
Formating is an area of weakness, appart from simple text WYSIWYG and rudimentary group columns, the only way to format things is to delve into the raw php template files, which is fine if you are a code type, but a bit painful for the rest of us.
Really love the AJAX validation as it seems very interactive to have fields validated immediately.
I look forward to the final release as with the kinks still to be worked out and a lack of patience on my part to figure out the formating, I eventually ended using another component.
If you want real power to create an application then this is THE tool to watch.
Great work so far, Rob and Hugh!