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byrobhparker, September 26, 2012
This extension does the trick. Support is very attentive and they are willing to help make sure that it meets your needs. It now has an payment plugin which makes this extension much more useful for those who want to stay away from paypal.

I would suggest going through the FAQ on the website as that is the only place where there is documentation. It doesn't jump out at you but it is there and it is pretty comprehensive and was able to answer just about all the questions that I had, although before discovering it I was emailing support and they were always helpful nonetheless.

Overall this is a very versatile extension that has continued development and is sure to get better. If you want to your site to have real commercial a ticketing site this extension is easily worth 3 times the price!
byrobhparker, June 13, 2012
Easy Image Gallery
Liked this slideshow a lot more than I thought I would! I bought it because I was having a conflict on my site and always have good luck with XTC extensions working regardless of whatever else I have going on in the site.

I wasn't expecting what I got when I installed this! The demo looks pretty much like a standard slideshow, but this think has every possible effect you can imagine and then some. You really have to install this extension to appreciate it. The demo is super basic, but this is a great slideshow to have in your bag. Works when others fail and tons of stuff.