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byrobisright, August 11, 2009
Granted they have a nice organized website and seem to be thourough and it appears a lot of work went into this module but these developers are corrupt - they place (invisible) ads that are inserted into component which is placed into footer and site meta! If I am to pay for something I own it. It is like buying a pair of jeans - I am not buying that pair of jeans to let you wear them - they are mine to wear. So when I bought this module it becomes mine and you do not advertise off of my sites!

You would be much better off just using the Joomla backend SEF option. Plus it does not work with JomSocial. They want an additional € 8.50 dollars for the plugin. I am requesting my money back. When you develop you should learn to support. Most of these developers these days are children without any business sense - al thye care about is money. REFUND!!!
Owner's reply

Not sure what you are talking about???

There are 2 editions
1. free that contains backreference to ARTIO as authors; this fact is clearly stated EVERYWHERE on our site -- also it is mention here
2. paid (sponsored) that does not contain these links or any other information such as metada or similar

If you have purchased paid version and installed it, there is no way where you could have any meta or links added in your page.
Second, the are NOT INVISIBLE.
So what you say is simply a LIE.

As regards your opinion about comparing software and jeans, I guess you have a long way to go as regards learning about author rights and software licenses. So, no comment on that.

Btw. if you have problems, you can can always talk to us directly, instead of throwing dirt here.