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byrobkristie, June 3, 2009
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PaidSystem for AdsManager
Unfortunately, this is based off of a credit system instead of a pay as you go. This adds an extra 2 steps in the ad entry process (if you don't have credits, you have to buy credits, make payment and then enter ad, when it should be enter ad, pay money and go).

Had complaints from a client and his users and now I had to go a different route.

It would be great if it was not built on a credit system, as the ads manager component is real good. This does not live up to what it could have been though.
Owner's reply

Yes I understood the point, In the beginning of 2011, a new version will be released with the ability to don't use credits based system

byrobkristie, June 25, 2008
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Easily the best and easiest to use form component out there.
Just copy and paste from dreamweaver and voila, instant form.
Could use a module to display the form, but there is a way around that with the content item module.

Overall, I feel you can't build a site without this component!
byrobkristie, February 21, 2008
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Has hidden spam links that cannot be removed. What happens is Google recognizes these as spam and penalizes your site. For a product that is supposed to help with SEO, it actually destroys any SEO you have done.
You are better of not doing anything to your url'S then adding this, as the spam far outweighs the delivery from a Google viewpoint. Had a site go from #2 in a Google search to the third page two weeks after installing this. Took a lot of work to get it back to even the 1st page. Avoid at all costs!
Owner's reply

I think you do not know what you are talking about. The links to our sponsors (which are by the way not used anymore) were in such positions (generator metatag), where it has no affect to Google or other search engines. I think that if there were some reasons why your site went down, it was certainly not because of the links there. Otherwise, there would not be thousands of users using this component (also its free version).