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byrocknlnx, December 11, 2008
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WordPress Blog for Joomla!
When I first saw this extension I was skeptical. I had tried a couple of other blog extensions and neither did what I wanted it to do. I'm not trying to build a multi-user multi-blog site. All I am trying to do is build a better blog site. So I need an extension that improves the Joomla blogging capabilities and this extension does that perfectly. Hands down this is the best extension for blogging that there is. In fact it completely redefines the CMS/Blogging platform.

Once installed and configured properly this extension is almost perfect. When you log into the Wordpress admin panel, if you didn't know better you would think that you are using Wordpress 2.6.5 standalone. Pretty much everything that Wordpress does , so does this extension.

It is fully configurable ad you can even use Wordpress templates with a little bit of coding (A video on how to is in the works). So you can use your custom Joomla template globally or if you want you can use a Wordpress theme independently form your Joomla template giving you full control over look and feel. YTou can even add widgets to the Wordpress sidebar exactly the way you would in the standalone version of WP. And you have the option of disabling the default sidebar and using the available sidebar extension giving you added control over customization of your blog. Currently there are 4 extensions for Joomla and 3 plugins for Wordpress. The Joomla extensions are: 1. Wordpress-Categories 2. Wordpress-Latest Posts 3. Wordpress-Sidebar 4.Worpress-Search. The plugins are: 1. ALL-In-One SEO 2. Akismet 3. Lightbox for Wordpress. The plugins you have to upload via FTP the way you would in Wordpress standalone and the extensions you install through the Joomla installer 1.5.

The installation itself is a snap for most(I had a bit of a problem see notes at bottom). You install it like any other Joomla extension using the Joomla 1.5 installer. And the rest of the configuration is just as easy. If you have ever used Wordpress. Either at or used the standalone version, you'll be right at home.

The support is excellent. They emailed me back within an hour or so and made sure that all was well and installed and configured properly. The CEO even sent me an email to make sure that everything was in fact fine.

On the negative side: Currently there is no documentation. I have been assured that they are feverishly working on it. I had a ton of questions and they did answer all of them. Also the low number of Wordpress plugins is of concern but, again they assure me that they are working on a number of plugins for future release. However they do need user feedback to better focus on the plugins that are most popular.
And the biggest negative to me is the lack of integration between the Wordpress categories and Joomla categories. It would be ideal to have a module that pulls information from both databases and even syncs them for better end user experience. As it is now you have to manage both areas(Joomla and Wordpress) independently.

In summary, I think this is one hell of an extension. This has the potential of changing the CMS/Blogging platform. As more and more users were migrating to Wordpress for their CMS needs this might put and end to that.

If you do end up downloading this extension and have a problem installing(error referring to zip.php) just unzip it onto your desktop and use your own zip program to rezip it and you should not have a problem. They are aware of some servers having problems with this and are working on it.

Hope this helps, Happy blogging.CMSing