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byrockpile, October 7, 2012
I purchased the product and spent way too many hours fixing bugs and posting them to the help center. Although the developer was responsive to the issues, I was PROMISED a revised version when it came out. Since my membership expired at the time it was released, I received an email with the download links however, the links DI NOT WORK. I have sent the developer 5 emails and NO RESPONSE.

The product I purchased is an ALPHA release at best. It has ENORMOUS overhead causing SLOW page loads and it creates TONS of graphic cache eating up the server space by the second.

I would NOT recommend this product to anyone. I feel RIPED OFF and considering the amount of time I spent debugging it I would EXPECT at least a FREE upgrade. I WILL NOT pay for another 30 day membership since I feel that the product I purchased is not release worthy and the developer should not have released it PREMATURELY. Stay away, look for others, this one is a DUD!
byrockpile, February 24, 2011
Art Sexy Lightbox Lite
This one of the EASIEST way to create Photo Galleries on your site. Well worth the small investment! With as little CREATIVITY you can do quite a bit. I had a few issues however, I am not sure if it was me or the product, they are just to crazy to explain. For example, just copying the link from one menu to another it opened a different gallery, recreated the link and it worked fine…go figure…lol.
byrockpile, February 15, 2011
Dolby Gallery
This is one of the WORST extension that I ever purchased. It requires a tremendous time to DEBUG, should be in the BETA or ALPHA stage and be FREE! There so many bugs that I REGRET spending the $12 for it. I have asked for a REFUND but just like the support email, it went UNANSWERED!..GO FIGURE!

1st, It does not create the thumbnails
2nd, The display is set to 750xX500 px
3rd, It screws up your CSS somehow, still trying to figure that one out and in the last 10 hours I have yet to get a response back from the developer.
4th, It does really crazy things and the module settings do not pass through correctly if you call the module in a content page, could not get that to work, it was aligning all over the place no matter what the settings were.
5th, There are NO instructions and there are errors in the admin section Tab Descriptors, multiple TABS are named TOP Margin, trial and ERROR to see what does what.

BOTTOM LINE; DO NOT BUY, WASTE of your money. It might look COOL but it is NOT worth the HEEART ATTACK and HEADACHE trying to get it to work.
Owner's reply

This Guy need unbelievable customization that's not possible in our Some Extension because our Some Extensions are made after much thinking and we not able to give fully Dynamic function in it otherwise whole idea display worst and we have rules if anyone not like our Extension then we will give money back and here also we have refunded to this guy Anyway we try to give best from our Side see our another Extensions and feedback so you know our team we not need to Explain much more , thanks for your time with us.