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byrodfarrell, April 7, 2014
Really simple to install and configure. Had Youtube videos and local mp4 videos playing within minutes.

Only catch was that my mp4 files were encoded with the metadata saved last (apparently more common than not) which means the whole file had to load before it can play. Used a free app called QTIndexSwapper to move the metadata to fix my videos and now they all play as soon as you click the play button.

Thanks for a great extension.
byrodfarrell, June 7, 2013
Very archaic design that is not at all intuitive, especially if you have used other modern ecommerce extensions and lots and lots of bugs still in version 2.0.20b

Forum support? If you get 1 in 3 questions responded to feel privileged. If you get any answered without being insulted go and buy a lottery ticket.

There are more powerful, feature rich ecommerce systems out there that are both easier to use, less buggy and with better documentation. Your clients will thank you.

One VM2 project was one too many.
byrodfarrell, June 7, 2012
I've used a few extensions for inserting code, some of which were very good but this one is by far the simplest. It is a module only but you can also use it for inserting scripts into content using the standard Loadposition plugin so I can't think of anything else I would want it to do.
byrodfarrell, April 3, 2012
I've used Metamod on three sites now for very different needs and each time I use it, I learn more and gain more power and control of the sites.

The latest site is a subscription site combining Docman, Akeeba Subscriptions and Metamod. With this combination I can present a different subscription module with Metamod to charge different subscriptions for different countries without subscribers knowing their is a difference and automatically restrict access to some documents (via subscription groups) for subscribers in countries where we don't have publishing rights.

Can't thank the publishers enough.
byrodfarrell, September 7, 2010
Highlighter GK4
This is what all Joomla extensions should be. Simple to use but with lots of well thought-out parameters.

So often an extension is almost right if it only had one more parameter to suit the specific need - this one has more than you need but you can pretty much ignore the ones you don't want. I had this up an running in minutes.