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BT Login
Has a nice modal popup so it saves space.

It uses the same mootools script as joomla so it's light.

It integrates into Jomsocial

I had an issue, and the support team actually logged into my site and fixed it for me (I'm not a member)

byrodvold, June 1, 2012
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This extension will make (not break) your site.

Hands down this is one of the best extensions I've used. It deserves no less than a 5 star rating.

I can understand some of the reviews regarding support, and I agree that those of us who Joomla prefer support forums over a ticket system, as that is how we typically provide support to our own clients.

However, the quality of the extension is superb and you can tell that the development philosophy is wrapped around user friendliness.

If you are looking for an extension that will get you a social site out of the box, this is it. If you are looking for an extension that you can customize to match your niche, this is also it.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

byrodvold, May 18, 2012
Unite Nivo Slider
Yowza! This is a beautiful slideshow. It has awesome theme options and slide effects. I haven't ran into compatability issues yet and doesn't seem to be too resource heavy.

Best I've seen for slide shows and I've been around for a little while.
First - SOBI and SOBI2 took advantage of Joomla's core capability and put it on steroids- J1 and J1.5 sites were taken to a new elevation with these excellent components.

Now - SOBIpro - without a doubt, is the most powerful extension Joomla has to offer. After endless grueling years of grinding this component to perfection, SOBIpro takes all benefits of J1.5+ and gives endless possibilities to webmasters.

With a moderate learning curve, once this component is familiarized - a door opens up to much more advanced realization.

Used car salesman to full 2.0 automotive site - done. It can be modified to be even better than cars(dot)com

Real Estate agent? No problem. Create your personal listings and make the upload form simple for your agents. Don't want simple? Make an MLS! YES - SOBIpro has the power to do this.

Take any item you're selling, any idea you're promoting, any niche you're growing... SOBIpro ads the Socialized, web 2.0, whatever you call it, makes it possible, and runs as smooth as butter.

On one site, I have:

- Used car section
- local business listing with reviews
- FSBO for real estate

On another, I have:

- Video game directory, with reviews
- Gaming clan directory
- User blogs

This component aint no joke. I've been using it for years - if you use it too, the results will cause you to leave a review as positive as mine. =)
byrodvold, October 21, 2010
I've had a 5-star rating in my pocket for this extension for years. This is the very first automatic article extension to be created for Joomla it was just never published to JED. It's simple and intuitive.

I can't wait until they implement a cron-like system in the Joomla backend like some of these other extensions.
byrodvold, February 17, 2009
When I first tried out this component I was upset that the component add-on prices seemed high, so I canceled my license and received a refund.

Weeks later, I realized how vital this extension is to my site and came crawling back to purchase it all over again.

This is such a smooth extension and is so well integrated with Community Builder that no matter how upset you are with prices or support, that once you try it out, you will realize you don't just need it, you require it.

The interface is simple and understandable to the end user. It's powerful, pretty, and clean.

If you are looking for a CB gallery plugin than this is exactly what you need.
byrodvold, November 28, 2008
Simple Review
This component is really helpful with getting user feedback on my reviews- its simplicity to the user makes it easier for them to participate in my reviews. Not too mention it is completely free!

The developer says he is currently developing the component so registered users can leave reviews from the frontend of the site, I can't wait.

This is one to keep an eye on!