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byrogerbaker, October 6, 2011
Load module into article
Easily installed, syntax is very straight-forward, easy to use. No problem with YOO theme.

Thanks for a super addition to the JED!
byrogerbaker, October 6, 2011
Featured Items
Universal AJAX Live Search installed easily for me. I use it in lieu of the standard Joomla search and the YOO Themes search that came with my YOO template.

Purchase was fast and paid through PayPal. Response was automated and I received the download link in a few minutes. I was able to install and configure this quickly using the standard Joomla tools and the expected questions.

I had one back-end issue and was contacted by the developer within hours. The problem was fixed, repair code was sent to me, and the new version was being readied & tested in less than 24 hours. Very impressive!

Try the demo and see. The module looks for the first image in the article displayed and size-adjusts it into an icon for that selection. Slick! The AJAX feature works well, and can be adjusted to the number of significant characters you choose. Styling is a bit limited but more than sufficient for a very small part of the screen.

Recommended highly.
byrogerbaker, July 29, 2011
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SP Upgrade
This is a fantastic tool to have in your toolbox. While JUpdate is great, it doesn't handle all the little things needed for every conversion, even if you've tested okay on your test site. This tool lets you identify exactly the components you want to bring across the J1.5 - J1.6/7 conversion border.

Very fast response from support.

I won't attempt another upgrade without this tool. I especially appreciate that I can perform the upgrade across servers, a very nice feature.

I used this tool to perform a 100% reinstall of my Joomla system, cleaning out a bunch of modules & components I no longer use, cleaning the database of unneeded tables, etc. This alone makes the tool worth the price.

I can't say enough for this tool. It saved me hours of work.
byrogerbaker, July 7, 2011
If you've tried coding around a variety of browsers & version & video plugins & formats to get everything to work, you know just how impossible the task is. The plug-in worked great for me. I had to do a little testing, of course, and changed my configuration several times to get the look & feel right across my major platforms. I have no problems with WebM, Ogg, MP4, and FLV across Android, Opera, Safari 5, Firefox, IE 8, and Chrome. IE 9 is problematic (as it is for everybody) but this plug-in handles it as well as possible, correctly if IE 9 has the Google WebM plug-in or Flash, and providing a fail-through with links.

Online forum has lots of Q&A, so I didn't find a question that I couldn't get an answer to already. Very nice!

This is a great package, and a wonderful addition to my toolbox.
byrogerbaker, February 8, 2011
Quick install and bullet-proof with no performance hit. It's a simple tool and very nice. Recommended. If you need to change that metatag, this is for you!
byrogerbaker, November 21, 2010
JomWALL for Community Builder
Okay, I was skeptical, and I've been burned on more than one extension that wasn't all it claimed to be. This one was well worth the price.

It works as advertised, it installs easily and quickly, and the documentation videos are sufficient for quick installation and set-up.

I haven't yet figured out how to style the software, but I will. Overall, that's a very small point. This is more than a Facebook-style wall, it's effectively real-time collaboration. Highly recommended. I look like a hero thanks to this extension.

It's a big "wow!"
byrogerbaker, November 17, 2010
JCal Pro
I was yet another casualty of the disappearance of the Thyme calendar product. After downloading and testing, I settled on JCal & purchased a matching subscription. Installation and set-up was easy, adding repeating events, exceptions, and maintaining the calendar was very straight-forward, and overall the tool worked flawlessly. Support was good, almost all of the needed answers could be found on the free forum.

The one limitation I hit was RSS support. I need to be able to syndicate upcoming events (i.e., have a feed where subscribers would see a summary of all upcoming events for the next X number of days.) Sadly, there's no way to accomplish this with JCal without hacking some of your own code.

Apart from the one caveat above, I recommend the product.
Liturgical year
I really like this module. Installed smoothly with nothing unexpected. The module does exactly what it says, and computing the Christian calendar isn't trivial. I'd like to see three minor updates:

(1) The ability to add/change local celebrations
(2) The ability to change the messsage when there's no upcoming even (i.e., "Ordinary time")
(3) The ability to conditionally style the module based on the liturgical calendar event (i.e., shade for the appropriate liturgical color.)

A great module that went into immediate production on my site!
It is difficult to sufficiently praise this tool. Simply put, Fabrik allows robust development of both applications and bridges between other extensions.

The documentation, while quite sufficient, needs to be read and fully understood before beginning development. There are enough quirks peculiar to this tool that you cannot dive-in without reading first and expect good results. Experienced database application developers will appreciate the depth of detail and planning that has gone into this tool.

Installation instructions are detailed and easy to follow for the complete novice. Usage instructions assume a good understanding of database application development techniques.

If you need a tool to rapidly prototype or deploy basic database applications, this is a must.
byrogerbaker, March 17, 2010
Articles Anywhere
A great little piece of code. I try to stay very, very skinny on plug-ins, but this one is well worth it's minimal processing weight. You can stick any little piece of an article anywhere, and let the customer maintain that bit of text through the front-end.

I didn't think I needed it until I did. . . a great tool! Thanks for letting us have this!
byrogerbaker, January 14, 2010
Easy Script
I like Easy Script because (1) it works, (2) it lets me plug-in code without the overhead of another plug-in, and (3) it just works. Great mod for a wonderful price! Keep it up guys, this was just the tool I needed.
byrogerbaker, January 5, 2010
Joom Donation
A superior tool, well-able to handle any conceivable donation needs I can think of. For many people this tool is so full-featured that it might seem like a bit much, but if you're using Community Builder (also integrates into JoomSocia), grab it. The integration with those packages is great to have and makes donations a snap.

There is always room for minor tweaks, and some things like error handling, limiting back-end fields to the size actually used by the component, etc., still need a bit of polish. You'll also want to take the time to read through all of the wonderfully configurable text, so you can make sure each email, field name, prompt, etc., says what you need it to say.

This is a superb value. Highly recommended!
byrogerbaker, October 17, 2009
MP3 Browser
Slick, fast, easy. I wish I had coded this. It loaded easily and worked like a champ right out of the box. I like it a lot. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, which I find very appealing, just enough to let you customize the colors.

byrogerbaker, December 31, 2008
Page Peel Banner
This component quickly adds some very impressive "eye candy" to your Joomla site. The price is right (free) and the implementation is very straight-forward. Documentation is almost nonexistent, but truly is not needed. "Peeled" images must conform exactly to the specification - 500 X 500 JPEG at 72 DPI, no exceptions.

I love this component and I salute the developers! Highly recommended. It is so impressive that you'll be tempted to use it everywhere, which might be a bit of overkill, so be careful!
byrogerbaker, December 1, 2008
If you need to quickly add a very simple translation tool, this module does the trick. Initial screen translation is framed (due to Google) but following links thereafter shows your site in the new selected language. Very easy and intuitive.
byrogerbaker, November 25, 2008
BibleGateway Verse of the Day
A fast way to add a really nice touch to your site. The component also offers the Biblegateway "read" button so the visually-impaired can hear the verse of the day as well. Recommended.