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byrokada, May 30, 2014
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Thank you for developing this nice plug-in. It's really a time saver, I use it on all of my sites. It needs a bit of css adjusting but hey what doesn't.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your good words! Please e-mail about css recommendations

byrokada, December 3, 2013
This extension has so many features, it is well documented and it managed to build our site's sitemap for seconds although we have around 3000 links. What is best is the support, I've had an issue which was related to Firefox I contacted John and he was emailing me half a day, in the end we skyped, he didn't leave me until the problem was resolved. I wish all the extension's supports were like this. Thank you John. It's worth every cent.
byrokada, October 7, 2013
In the right hands this component is a weapon. You can do anything you can imagine with it. Although the support is not the greatest and the learning is a bit difficult once you understand it you will not be sorry. There were times at which I wanted to give it up, but I'm very far from sorry that I didn't. SEBLOD is a game changer.

Thank you SEBLOD team
byrokada, October 7, 2013
Community Builder
I'm using CB on all of my joomla websites. Once you've tried and learned it it's hard to imagine making a joomla website without CB. It's so well integrated. And the best of all is the support. Kyle is like an eagle, seeing and answering all the forum topics. Thank you joomla, thank you CB
byrokada, October 6, 2013
Site Lock
This FREE extension is a "must have extension" in any Joomla designer's toolbox.

I so glad I found.

Thank you to the team of Site Lock