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byrolandomontano, October 25, 2012
SP Extended Search
Although it may be an excellent extension, in at least one case installation resulted in major problems.

Before writing this review we invited the publishers to work with us to troubleshoot the problem, as a socially responsible measure, in order to avoid similar difficulties for others, without sucess. We also consulted with SobiPro development (SigSiu) who indicate conflics are due to libraries other than those included in SobiPro or Joomla are used.

You may consider that in at least one case, upon publishing this extension, both the front-end and the back-end of a Joomla 2.5 site with the latest version of SobiPro became unavailable. Only through a full restore of the site files and databases was it possible to overcome the situation.

We reccomend care: A full backup before installing or publishing this extension.
Owner's reply

The review is not based in the product.

The user contacted us asking for support about other product.

In the SobiPro (SigSiu) club development forum, they answered about a Javascript library subject, not about installation problems.

It's always a good advice to have an up to date backup, and test new software in a development environment.

The rest of the review is not right.

byrolandomontano, June 6, 2010
ARI Ext Menu
Works beautifully, like a charm as is said in english. Installed and configured in under 1 minute. Does what I wanted "out of the can".

I looked for other solutions for days, this time around, because I had done so months before. Tried Superfish and Extended Menu, but could't figure out the CSS template and other (java) supposedly simple programming needed. I just wanted my already prepared Joomla menu with three tiers of sub-items to go up in the standard horizontal navigation bar at top (user3) with the top menu and drop down menus. Installed, pointed to my main menu and voila.

I tend to look for solutions that are simple and easy. My site is all standard Joomla, rhuk-milkiway template, though with many extensions like this one. Now I have a great three tier menu system running. It's a good example of this: This is not a commercial site. Just a spanish language self-help group NGO site, so I hope it's OK to add the site here as an example for others of this menu system.

Now I will go to Ari site forum to ask for help with some very minor changes to make it look better, like having all sub menus equal width and the bar fit the pill endings in height.

I definitely reccomend this. Works great out of the box, fine in IE and Firefox as far as I can see. Many thanks to the developers. Will be making my donation. Hope this review helps others.
byrolandomontano, June 4, 2010
Installed, uploaded logo and activated plugin. Works as indicated firt time. I added a copyright notice right next to the logo and thus resolved my need for one in one go. It would be nice if the plugin would also make it possible to add a text and the end of the print file, for example for a copyright notice or other info. Many thanks.