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byromagromov, September 17, 2014
You have a problems with sitemap? There is no plugins for specific or rare components? So, you need to try JSitemap!
Awesome component, that don't uses any plugins. It operates directly with the mysql database, so you can setup it to work with any component.
In spite of this, the component has a lot of pre-configured presets for the most popular components.

Now about support. I can confidently say that the support at the highest level. I was getting help very quickly. And there were no such problems that remain unresolved.

This is a good example how Joomla extensions should be.

Thank you John!
byromagromov, June 13, 2014
Not bad component but it have a couple major bugs (duplicate url).
No ability to include several files to one item (for example windows version, mac os version etc).
New version is beta, without any modules and plugins.
And very poor support, even after donation.
Some topics are not answered for 3 weeks.
Owner's reply

You used an older version and your only problem are a few different URL's between component and modules. This could be very important for you, but not for every others users. In more then seven years have only you this scenario noted as a heavy bug. And to say that i would only give a poor support is a bad joke. Everybody can read in the other reviews what is true here. But it is impossible to make every user happy.

By the way, in the meantime exists also the first modules for the complete new beta releases.

byromagromov, April 11, 2014
X5 Ajaxchat
I checked a lot of chats for joomla. But X5 Ajaxchat - is the best chat with multiple rooms and private messages.
Elegant clean template. Full ajax. Easy to moderate and bans. Easy to customize via css.
Great support. Developers immediatly fixed some little problems (with site template) and helped me in customize questions.
byromagromov, March 15, 2014
Very useful must have plugin.
I use it on all my sites with other mandatory plugins, such as "admin bar unlocker" and "cache cleaner".
Thank you!
byromagromov, February 15, 2014
Nice Social Bookmark
Just the best social sharing module with tonns settings. You may add addiotional icons, that are not present in list. Very beautiful icos sets and options. Thanks!
byromagromov, January 3, 2014
Pro Gallery for AdsManager
At the time when joomla and adsmanager has long time provided responsive templates this commercial plugin not responsive.
So, if you have responsive joomla template, responsive adsmanager template this plugin displays ok only on desktops. On mobiles and tablets this plugin will spoil your beatiful site...
Very poor settings... Impossible to set width and height in percents, or use values like "auto" e.t.c
Impossible to set top, left or right side for thumbnails. They only can displays on the bottom. So, my mind - the price is very overpriced for this plugin.
byromagromov, December 24, 2013
1. Bugs, bugs, bugs...
2. Every new version brings new bugs.
3. Latest version make cyrillic links to ads and categories. It's impossible to fix it in admin panel. You need to edit router.php if you are programmer, if no - your problem, because nobody helps you in forum.
4. Modules not support templates override.
5. Outdated design. Layouts maked on tables.
6. Latest Ads Module can't follow category. So, if you want to display latest or random ads in any ad detail page or in lists, you must create hundreds modules and assign each to specific category. Also you need create hundreds menu items to display this module properly.
7. In admin panel impossible to approve several ads. You need press on each item like an idiot. Moreover, after you approve any item - page reloads. This is incredible nightmare...
8. Very slow support, even for commercial clients.
Owner's reply


I apologize first if you find the support slow. But don't forget it was christmas time.

Regarding some of your points :
3- To avoid waiting for next version, the fix was given of the forum to speed up fix.
4- We used pure MVC Joomla design
so you can override module with template override without any problem.
6-This is wrong, you can display latest ads in the current category in the module, there is an option for that
7-The option is not available is right, this is planned to be added in next version.

Anyway, Don't hesitate to send us a mail about reminding issues, so we can work together to get everything fix.

byromagromov, December 15, 2013
mp3 Browser Fork
Very good plugin. Easy tom install and works out of the box.
But there is missed very important option.
Autostop playing track when user press play on new track.
byromagromov, December 4, 2013
Knu Jomsocial Menue Everywhere
This is a very big problem - jomsoocial toolbar in other components, for example, kunena, easyblog, community polls e.t.c.

But KNU JOMSOCIAL MENUE EVERYWHERE - solved all my problems!

Big thanks!
byromagromov, November 17, 2013
B2J News Loader for K2
I'm very impressed. Beatiful, flexible news module. Looks elegant and professional. It works out of the box. You can control everything through settings in admin panel.
Great work!
byromagromov, October 6, 2013
Responsive Menu
Very easy to install and setup. This responsive menu module works out of the box. I had some questions about css style, but all problems were fixed in extremally short time. Very fast and great support. I recomend this menu module.
Owner's reply

Thank you for recommending us.

byromagromov, July 30, 2013
AutoTweet NG Pro
I found this extension very useful.
Maybe set it up is not very easy, but developers provides step by step manuals with images. So, no any problems with this.
Very fast support.
I'm very glad that I purchased this component.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your nice words!

Best Regards
Extly Team

byromagromov, June 25, 2013
I tried different file manager for joomla - but this is the best. It looks modern, use ajax, drag and drop and much more.
Only one thing missed - copy file path (url) in menus.
Thanks for your work!
byromagromov, May 29, 2013
mavik Thumbnails
I used Image Manager Extended before.
But mavik Thumbnails it is awesome tool that saves my time!
It very useful. Just drag image in article and resize it. That's all! Thank you!
byromagromov, April 9, 2013
B2J Calendar for K2
Awesome free (!!!) module that works out of the box!
Elegant styles and easy setup, ajax effects, very flexible settings...
This module makes K2 more powerfull.
With this module your site will looks really professional.
I'm very impressed!
Highly recommend!
Owner's reply

Thank you for a good review!

We really try to make Joomla Users lives easier, keep on using our extensions and check for updates!

B2J Team.

byromagromov, March 31, 2013
Administration Brand Remover
It is very usefull simple plugin when you develop sites for your clients.
I think it will be great to integrate option to use own logo instead default logos.
Any way, thanks for this free plugin.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

It's an interesting feature request, I'm working on a new version and I'll make sure to include this.

Please if you have any suggestion about our products contact us:

- Fernando Arturo Martínez Aguilar

byromagromov, March 28, 2013
Very usefull free plugin!
It must be installed as JCE extension.
byromagromov, March 26, 2013
User Extended Fields for K2
I founded this plugin very usefull.
It must have plugin, if your site works in portal mode and your users can create own items on site.
But I think, that admin options must have more settings, for example to disable specific fields, like Vimeo,, Flickr, Picasa or other (I don't need it on my site).
Of course, it can be deleted from plugin template, but not all webmasters can do it themselves.
byromagromov, March 6, 2013
Music Collection
Very flexible component. A lot of flexible modules. I've seen unbeliveble sites with Music Collection.
And the most important thing:
Great support! Yes, I'm impressed about support.
Maybe I have some experience, but still, I enjoyed it.
byromagromov, January 25, 2013
Community Polls
Best polls component I ever seen!
Very flexible. It support jomsocial avatars and activity stream. It finally support komento component. Very fast support.
Component looks professional and have tons admin options. I highly recommend it!
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