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byromagromov, January 10, 2013
BT Login
I tryed to find horizontal login module, at last I found BT Login.
Great, flexible module!
It's only one thing lost in options - padding, size and font-size of buttons.
byromagromov, January 1, 2013
I tried ALL(!) other events and calendar components.
If you want to get beatiful, easy to use and usefull events component - you find it )))
Thanks guys for your work!
byromagromov, November 14, 2012
I tried ALL(!!!) classifieds components what are present on JED, and I can say - DJ-Classidieds - is the best!
It's looks exelent and professional.
Very easy to install all modules and plugins in one step. Very usefull search module with different fields in different categories. Ready to use payment plugins. I don't know other classifieds components who can suggest same options out of the box.
Thanks guys, you makes joomla better!
byromagromov, November 1, 2012
Kide Chat Pro
I purchased this extensions and found major bugs.
I created topic on support forum, sent email to developer and wrote comment on component page about this bugs.
No any answer 2 weeks.
Wasted time, losted money, don't working component.
Yes, Komento don't work with all extensions.
But show me comment system thats works with all components?
I can say, that Komento is really the best comment system. It's looks beatiful and professional.
There are tons of options and settings.
Seamless integration to other components.
It's only needs to integrate it with most popular components, for example adsmanager, community polls, dj classifieds.
Thanks guys for your next masterpiece!
byromagromov, August 30, 2012
Slideshow CK
Very usefull slider!
Very important, that you can add title for some images, not for all.
Highly recommend this slider!
byromagromov, August 29, 2012
I've tried tons sliders for joomla commercial and free.
I can say - this slider really the best!
Very tunable!
It's only one thing must be chanched - do not displays text and description in some slides (not in all).
byromagromov, July 13, 2012
StyleWare K2 Google Maps
Exellent, professional, fast support.
Usefull, customizable plugin with own icon themes.
I had some problems with plugin options, but developers immediatly fix them - I'm really pleased.
byromagromov, June 25, 2012
Seo Links
I purchased this component because the description says that it works with adsmanager.
But it don't.
I report about this in support forum and got answer:

"Free support and guarantee are only for content and K2."

So, this product support only K2 and content.
I know free components what can do same...

Description of this product on JED does not match reality...
Owner's reply

Do you think that description of component here is not clear? Ok, i just add this: "Seo links is developed for content and K2. Integration with all other components is AS Guide without warranty!" This text is from two months on product page in our site and in our support forum also. I think that this must be enough. And our programmers just give you the decision of your problem in created from you topic in our support forum. If you have more suggestions, please, post them in support forum.

byromagromov, April 30, 2012
Filter and Search for K2
1. Most powerfull filter for k2
2. Very easy to install and setup
3. A huge number of settings
4. Excellent and fast support
Thank you, Andrey!
byromagromov, April 29, 2012
Zh GoogleMap
Really, the best google maps component for joomla.
It's FREE! Very easy to install. There are many options to config your map. No need to get google api.
It just works out of the box !
Thank you!
byromagromov, January 22, 2012
News Show Pro GK4
This is the best news module!
Supports 3d components.
A huge quantity options and settings.
Looks like very beatiful and professional.
And it's free!
Amazing! THANKS!!!
byromagromov, December 10, 2011
The best comments component from any existing commercial or free components. It's free. Very easy to install. Users love it. Users recognize it.
Support many components. Thanks for your work!
byromagromov, September 1, 2011
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You wrote:
Intellectual Property allows independent real estate agents, brokers, or property management companies to upload and maintain property listings for sale, for rent and for lease.

BUT you forget wrote, that all this we can make only by in admin panel.
Users can't manage listings in front end... - This is major problem of this component...
Owner's reply

HI-- we've made this clear many, many times-- both in these reviews (see below) and in a large "NOTICE" before you can download the product. We believe it is wrong for you to give a bad review since a product lacks a feature you deem important, but that we never claimed or advertised.

byromagromov, April 7, 2011
I'm ecstatic.
I've used before other commercial blogs component. And a very long time searching for a replacement. Easy Blog - it's a beautiful, flexible, easy to use component for both the administrator and users. Integration with popular components of the forums, social networking and comments. I am impressed with tech support. All issues have been resolved qualitatively and, most importantly fast. Thank you guys. I look forward to further development of your product. Thanks, thanks, thanks.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much! :)

byromagromov, February 16, 2011
JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx)
Not bad component but...

There is no language file for admin panel...
Need edit some files in admin folder.
And what I have to do when a new version?
Again fix these files?
byromagromov, January 9, 2011
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Awersome component!
After a long search, I can confidently say it has no analogues!
Easy installation and a full statistics of your traffic.
Thank you very much guys.
I hope you will continue to develop your product is!
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