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byromeof, November 15, 2013
SIMPLY GREAT! I swear we tried almost everything to try to make a Captcha work with Virtuemart "Ask a Question". After trying a lot of junk products (one worst than another.. a lot of HTML/PHP manual customization that turned out to be only a waste of time).. we discover keyCaptcha!
so simple.. and this is something great. Furthermore without need to mess with PHP ecc
This is one of my favourite extension and one of the best in JDE.
Choose it guys, you will save a lot of time!
thanks for providing it for free: no doubt we would have certainly paid for having it! Now we're trying to make it work with multilingual sites too.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your excellent review

byromeof, November 14, 2013
Long Term Weather Forecast
works like charm. Just install it, set the location and.. "abracadabra!" already set and working.
the best weather extension. and it comes already styled: no need to mess with CSS ecc.
well done guys: sometimes it impossible to ask better solutions. LIKE IT!
byromeof, November 12, 2013
Abivia SuperTable
Works as expected. for me, it is enough to make an extension an excellent one.
by the way.. I guess I will invest a few bucks and switch to the PRO. Need a tool to customize columns.
Also responsive. the solution I was looking for. Great to have a simple free solution: no need to buy the pro without try the basic functionality.
byromeof, November 12, 2013
AcyMailing Starter
It works great when you have to target customers: the opportunity to know who open your newsletter and which page he/she read.. is something SUPERB!
I can't complain.
I bought the Enterprise solution (100 bucks). If I should list the only thing that disappointed me a little.. it seems to me there is not a default responsive template. Is it possible? It would be great to have a simple one integrated. It was where we had the only issue. Then.. the opportunity to have automatic newsletter linked to the new products added to Virtuemart.. wow! take some time to get used to such an impressive marketing tool. Well done! I like it.
Owner's reply

Hi Romeof,

Thanks for your nice feedback.
All our default newsletter-templates are now responsive but it was not the case a few months ago... maybe you installed an old version?

Anyway, you can delete your current newsletter-templates and install the latest version of AcyMailing, you will get only responsive templates.

byromeof, November 12, 2013
So happy I didn't give up with VM when important choices were made (VM2, template override, Gantry compatibility). It's hard to believe you can have such an extension for free. And I'm always surprised that there is a plugin, a module or a component for any implementation I need. The forum is probably one of the best on the web: there is always a guy that help you. I feared the migration to VM2 but.. I was surprised it works so well! And it is fully customizable: furthermore it's also so simple to grasp the logic of the core if you can mess just a little bit with PHP. I like it and I like the choice they made about template override. Also with Gantry things are now surprisingly smooth! I like it. Thanks to offer it for free. The best e-commerce solution I've tried so far. And one of the best choices I've done thus far.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much pointing on "furthermore it's also so simple to grasp the logic of the core"

Our goal is to write a core which is easy to understand and therefore easy to extend. Seems we are coming near.

byromeof, November 12, 2013
I've been using this extension since 2 years ago. I switched to other modules, by at the end of the day I always come back to DJ. The easiest. And for free. Now also responsive. I can't ask more from a Joomla extension. The best of the dozen I've tried. Hands down.
byromeof, November 12, 2013
Here it comes from the Rockettheme guys.. another great extension. My favourite, I'd say a must, when it turns to responsivness. That embodies my idea of "powerful extension". The same guys of the gantry framework.. they never end to surprise me. Great support by the way.. the one I like most, hands down! you just need to spend a few bucks to have the best the market can offer you. SUPER!
byromeof, November 12, 2013
it does not happen often to find an extension that works without read documentation. It works great! so simple. thanks!
byromeof, November 12, 2013
Finally I got the editor I needed.
Thanks guys, that extension has turn out to be one of my favourites! A must! If you try it.. you're not going to change your editor anymore! easy and complete with lot of functions!
byromeof, November 12, 2013
Freestyle FAQs
There is documentation.. that almost we don't need! so easy.. work unexpectedly well! one of my favourites: no need to be expert, no need to be a programmer.. thanks!
byromeof, November 12, 2013
Just try it and you will understand.. this extension save us days of work! The team work through a great forum. A must!
byromeof, November 12, 2013
BizKniz Facebook Feed Display
No doubt it is easy and works perfectly with white background. Bad with black.. it does not work. And the background customization seams buggy. No way to contact them. We know it is free.. but we would have paid for assistance. By the way we cannot be completely sure it is not our fault.. but without the opportunity to contact them it is difficult to say.
byromeof, November 12, 2013
Category Shipping
Work as expected and the support was really helpful helping customize it as we needed. Great for anyone that need shipment prices based on categories.
byromeof, November 12, 2013
fully customizable, work greay with Virtuemart too. Suport team really helpful they work directly on my website to implement the extension as I requested. The pro worth it, definetily.
byromeof, December 23, 2012
Akeeba Backup
Easy, excellent and complete.
It one of the pillars of my website. Thank you very much!
byromeof, December 23, 2012
OSG Seminar Manager
Thank you very much! That's what I was looking for! Easy, simple, complete and free. For a small company like mine is perfect! Well done!