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byron.severdia, October 28, 2014
MaQma Helpdesk
We have a moderate-traffic support desk for a few applications. Unfortunately, there are limited options for Joomla, but there are better ones. At first, it may seem like it's robust enough to handle everything you could possibly need, but that's only true if it works reliably. In my experience, it hasn't.

The configuration settings are an illogical mess. Even the most complicated Joomla extensions shouldn't require a manual to set up, but this one does. Things are oddly grouped and organized in a way that only makes sense to the developer, not to a support that has to use it daily.

Upgrades from previous versions to the newest version are not stable yet (mine needed manual repair for a missing table column). Ironically, support of the extension is slow. It took over a week to get a response from the developer. Updates are few and far between, which is not a good thing considering how many UI bugs there are. As I said, it looks good at first, but it doesn't take much of a pounding by support tickets for things to go haywire.

I hope the developer fixes this because it looks like it has promise. And if you have a few tickets a month, you'll live with the "quirks" (if you can live with the price). But I'm migrating to another extension for our needs.
Owner's reply

Hi Ron, this comes like a surprise for me

* No one in all this years of this extension complained about being a "illogical mess" so I don't know why you think that, I really would like to get that feedback from you.

* One issue in one update for which we provided a solution.

* Regarding UI bugs would like to have known about them, sometimes we have to do overrides because of the thousands of templates out there.

* Regarding being good when having a few tickets, we have customers dealing with 1.000 and 3.000 tickets a month, having now in database more than 50.000 tickets and no one ever complained about this.

* You are free to request a refund for it.


byron.severdia, October 20, 2014
If you want great SEO and rankings, you need to carefully manage your sitemap, it's contents, and how it's presented. There are a number of options for Joomla available and I've tried them all. I finally came to the conclusion that I could no longer get by with anything less than a top-notch way to create and manage my sitemaps. JSiteMap Pro does this and much, much more. If I had to balance this review with something that could be improved, I'd have to say the usability in some areas. But great extensions in Joomla are "set it and forget it" and this is certainly one of them. Nice job!