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byronpbaker, September 4, 2012
Maian Media
This has the potential to be a really nice component! It is extremely limited in it's abilities as far as laying the store out on your site.

Ther is tons of bugs in this and there is literally no way this will work for anyone right out of the box. The most popular forum topic is the root folder issue as joomla can not install a directory before your public_html so this has confused alot of people. Other than that the rest of the bugs are pretty universal and a result of a component in it's infancy.

While thereis plenty of options for MP3 player styles and types I have found I am mostly stuck using one and even then I have to keep switching back and forth as I edit it. It seems that if you change the layout the mp3 player will break and a quick fix is to just select another mp3 player and save the changes then revert back and it self fixes.

Another serious issue is that the mp3 player previews only seem to work when you navagate to the trak layout from the album selection.

There is an option to display latest tracks, most popular tracks, and most popular albums but they have to all be displayed on the same page. You can not just link them individually.

The links to create track layouts is extremely limited, you litereally have to ceate an external link and then paste in the page url. For many reasons this is not preferable.

Ill summarize this by saying that this is an extremely interesting project with tons of potential but not recomended for sites that are live or need to go live anytime soon.

Sometime in the near future the dev will post a reply saying there is posts on the community forum about these issues. Ignore it cause they seem to have alot going on with the forum. It is convoluted with threads that dont have a thing to do with joomla much less this extension.

byronpbaker, April 11, 2011
This community component is bigger than the developers can handle.

Is great if all you want is the core application but once you decide to expand and add something simple like a music player it gets really complicated. You have to rely on 3rd party products that really do not measure up to par and can get really expensive or time consuming due to the lack of an actual demo without registering with every site you come across.

This community is not as wide used as say Community Builder therefore it is not as well developed. I would have personally liked to have seen the developers spend more time making applications (at least basic ones that function).

Support is your typical post on forum or open ticket. You will spend a lot of time searching your email for your reference number to update your product. They do not have a registered area that remembers who you are and what you bought so you can quickly access the things you need. I have yet to successfully update to the current version.

This is not the way an open source community operates and therefore I have no use for them and will discontinue my usage of their product. I build and design websites for a living and every site I build this on would have to be registered with them and have its own reference number I would have to remember. Who has time for that?

Post Script?
If I am wrong about any of this, fault lays within the confines of a really poor support system. At $150 a pop I would expect a little more personal support but alas it is mostly automated. The contact page doesn,t even have an email to contact.
byronpbaker, April 10, 2011
DeluxeMP3 Pro for JomSocial
This thing looks atrocious, I am a subscriber to their products and will not be renewing this year. Everything they make is either half way completed or lacks the documentation to set it up.

This particular product was just installed on my site and I am looking for another one all ready.

Support on any of their products is done strictly through a ticket system that requires way to much information for an impatient user.

It is a shame because they have great concepts but fail to deliver on the hype.

Nothing they sell is for the average user, you must have seriously advanced HTML knowledge to even get the basics working.

They are the absolute worst when it comes to making sure there name is promoted on your site. Installing their products requires you to extensively edit PHP to remove all the JXTC_ from your site.....

They are absolutely not a company to use if support is important.
byronpbaker, March 18, 2010
This Extension is absolutely needed if you want to open the flood gates from Google.

There are free ones out there that do the same thing without the pin point accuracy of this one.

This product is not automated as it says. Automation is done from setting up cronjob. will go to your website and execute a file that comes with this extension.

NOTE!!!! I had a horrible time sorting that out. I could not get this program to work due to this.

Solution: Go into your server and set file permissions on to 755.

****File permissions are easy to do. Use an ftp like Filezilla to log into your sever and chase down the file cronjob.php according to the location above. Right click on cronjob.php and click "set file permissions". Click all 3 radio boxes next to execute and your done.****

***Your server may not need you to do this but for the unlucky few it makes this annoying cause nowhere in the documentation does it mention this.***

Other automated generators use an internal cronjob to execute, This is a bad idea!! I found that during the process of generating articles my website loaded very slowly!!!! wouldn't hurt if you just wanted to generate articles once a week, but I have mine set at every 5 minutes.

Take the time to learn the features that are unique with this. They are amazing. is the site I am setting this up on. The part that makes this generator the only choice for me is the fact that there is so many articles out there for Kendra Wilkinson. I need her breaking keywords on my site to keep me fresh. With over 100 potential sites out there regularly updating Kendra content I needed them all. Unfortunately I ended up getting other unrelated content that only confuses goggle.

This generator allows me to only pull articles that pertain to Kendra. Not to mention I can use the feature to publish to rss front page WITH my Virtuemart product showcase in every single article.

With it set up this way I will end up with thousands of articles in a short period of time. The beauty is I can update the products in every article just by adding products to my site normally. WOW!!!!!

The makers of this are German, if you have questions got to and contact Webamster.

I did not find the support to be that amazing because of the language barrier.
byronpbaker, March 11, 2010
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I couldn't give you an excellent. This took a minute to sort out. Keyword portion worked with some tooling. Had to read your poor directions to get keywords in current articles. Bad report for the description not working. Include English read me with zip please. Email me the German version and I will edit it for you.

Positive note, this was like $15us and 15 minutes to have working. Even without the description in order I'm satisfied and will use it in every web site. This is a Real time saver!!!

I would like the description to work.

I'm not beating up this plugin, I am sick and crabby.

Some one should mention that as soon as you pay using Paypal you are immediately redirected to the download page. No registration needed. I love that. Consumer Friendly to the impatient like me.
byronpbaker, March 11, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
I am NOT affiliated with the makers of this extension in anyway!!!!! needs an section in the extension directory called "MUST HAVE MODULES" and this should be perma-posted there. Why isn't this thing core Joomla? EVERYONE HAS A USE FOR THIS!!!!
Owner's reply

What do you mean 'NOT affiliated'? You're my brother... kiddin' :)
Thanks for the lovely review though!

Joomla's power is that you don't need to have all the good stuff in the core, seeing you can download and install most of the 'must haves' for free.

Great advantage of this not being in the core is it's update/improvement cycle. Once things are in the core, development on them is rather slow.

byronpbaker, March 7, 2010
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Popin Window
This poor plugin isn't plug and play. When it did it wasn't I.E. compliant. As the title said,I never comment. When a plugin is bad enough to make me waste my time to install, uninstall, then hate on in forum. That says it all!!! Please do not clutter up the extension page with substandard extensions. MOOPopup is next on my trial by fire. This extension will not earn a second chance!!!!
Owner's reply

Its a pity it didn't work out for you ... flaming it so badly though is a bit over the top in my opinion. You could have asked for help on the forums, and we'd have given you a shot at helping.