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byroobarb, February 3, 2014
BT Social Sharing
This is really great. I did try some other plugins that worked well, but getting them all neatly lined up was a chore.

This gives a very tidy bar of share buttons, looks great and works great.
byroobarb, February 3, 2014
Perfect Link with Article Images on Facebook PRO
Very useful as it gets the og: fields all under one plugin.

Also, the dev is very helpful; I had an issue with getting FB to recognise the og:image size which was caused by an article on my site and not the plugin. The dev went out of his way to help me get to the bottom of it and my share and like buttons are perfectly tamed!

Well worth the low cost.
byroobarb, March 14, 2011
This is a great component, not just because of how easy it is to create great looking newsletters but especially as it can queue emails so it works inside the limits on my host.

Beyond that, they have a great support system; I managed to break something which was entirely my fault, and Joobi's live support checked everything through, found what I'd broken, logged in and fixed it.

Top notch support!
byroobarb, March 3, 2011
I neede a music player for our band's facebook page; this is brilliant!

Not only have we got a really nice looking music player for our songs on the site, it feeds directly into facebook, so I only have to do one upload.

Also, I'm getting stats back on the number of plays for each track.

Very pleased with this and worth the subscription.
byroobarb, May 18, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
This is an ideal addition to the Contacts component, with a wide range of parameters easily set in the plugin's panel.

Also, the support from Mike is top notch. I had a minor issue and contacted him and received very quick support by email over the weekend.

Highly recommended if you need a Google map plugged into your site.