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byrosciak, July 2, 2010
Phoca Download
For me it's equivalent. Downloads = Phoca Downloads component. Everytime I need Downloads on new raised site, i'm installing Phoca Downloads. Can do everythings that, what I need, and doing it ellegantly. Additional modules are available. 5 stars, can't give other vote (maybe 6 if available).
byrosciak, May 30, 2010
I found this component today and I installed it on my live site. I have replaced old !JoomlaComment component with just one click. All my comments are available in new comment system. I found also support for Joomfish, CB and Agora, I use all these Joomla components on my site. Thanks! Configuration is easy and powerfull, CSS is easy, however JComments is short of skins for dark background sites. In fact there is no skin for dark background. But after two hours (css is really easy) I customised existing skin to make it compatible with my #222222 background website.

No way - there is only option for rating. 7 stars of 5.

Excelent job! Thanks!
I was using other simple contact form component, but on my new site there I should have more than one contact form with different email targets. My old used component can't do this. So I found aiContactSafe and I tested this a little. Excellent job. Now I can use as many contact forms as I want, and they can be targetted to different emmails! That's not all. My site is using Joomfish, so my first idea was to ask about JoomFish files. Then I found these files already installed with aiContactSafe component! Thank You for Your job!
I installed UddeIM and what I can say... Just amazing component - easy to configure, easy to use, ready to work and integration with other components like forum or community and looks very good. Is there an option to vote 6 stars of 5 ?
byrosciak, June 15, 2009
I use this extension on one of my sites and i want to say its working good. No problems at all. But i have a one question - how about Joomfish files?
Owner's reply

I didn't know about the JoomFish extension, but I read about that, and may be in a future release this component will have support for it.

byrosciak, May 30, 2009
Phoca Favicon
I remember when I entered Joomla! world, my experienced with Joomla! friend said: Almost everything its possible, but no idea how to change favicon. Phoca overrides that easy. 5 stars and thank You Jan, for that simple but efficiency tool. I use that with many of my sites, never got any problems, always works perfect.
byrosciak, May 19, 2009
Phoca Gallery
I use Phoca Gallery by default on any new site, and with extra plugins and modules I can do everything I imagine. After 6 months with that gallery, im still surprised with some features i'm discovering. 5/5 and strongly recoomended.

PS: And support Jan's hard work with donations, if You plannning to use Phoca Gallery for your commercial sites. We (Joomla! community) need his support, we need his work.

PS2: I had one problem at the beginning. I got answer with solution after minutes.
byrosciak, November 17, 2008
Plan route with GMaps
I used version for Joomla 1.0 in legacy mode, but this is better solution, of course. Lighbox kicks a.s.s. :)
byrosciak, September 22, 2008
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Nothing to say more. Just try this excellent extension.