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byrowbird, December 28, 2010
Availability Calendar
This extension does what it says. It offers a calendar to show availability on resources like apartment rentals etc. It consists of a backend component that you can use to 'block' a resource with a specific name for a period using a start and end date. Through the front end plug in, you can then display a calendar for a named resource in an article for a configurable amount of months that gives a graphic respresentation of the availability of that resource.

The component looks to still be under development, which translates into very minimal and basic instructions and documentation. But if you are somewhat familiar with joomla and the structure of components and plugins, this is more than enough to get you going.

The current version has some very minor flaws in that the English is not flawless (but that is a matter of editing a language file in the component and plug in) and I found that the Dutch language file, though included is not installed automatically, but can be placed in "administrator/language/nl-NL/" by hand and it works.

For future versions it would be nice having the ability to style plug in output (adding custom CSS option, or adding some parameters that allow you to style the layout. Now I can only make it display a vertical calendar for example (all months underneath each other), but it would be nice to allow horizontal as well.

All in all though, the extension in its current form is definitely worth giving a try!!
SWFobject module
After some puzzling I got this module to work with a Flash file that uses an XML file to load text and Images. Unfortunately it is not documented in the modules limited docs, but you have to pass the XMLURL variable in the file's name variable:

Also keep in mind that the path in your xml file to the image locations need to be resolvable by joomla!

After this I got it working for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari. Unfortunately FireFox does not seem to be able to find the xml and is stuck in the 'loading cycle'. If this issue can be resolved I'd give the module a 5 star Rating!
Owner's reply

Hi, rowbird,

I would like to test your flash + xml + text + images...
because in order to show how to pass the xml file path as a parameter, making the module work properly

thanks for your review and for the 5 stars!