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byrowby, October 19, 2014
With this simple but amazing extension you can export individual articles or categories of articles from one site and then import them into another site, retaining article ID's if desired.

It does more things, but that's what I used it for. In my case, I imported articles from two different Joomla sites into a new site.

Even though the component is free there is support. I was confused about something and within hours the developer clarified what I needed to do in my case.

Needless to say I clicked on his paypal donation button and was happy to give him a donation -- for such a time saver. Without this component I would have spent countless hours -- and it took care of it all in minutes.

byrowby, October 14, 2014
SJ Simple HTML5 Video Player
I haven't had much luck with video players with responsive Joomla sites. They would either not resize properly or would not play properly on mobile (especially cell) devices.

This module works across all types -- desktop, tablet and cell. Android and Iphone.

Equally important is their prompt and expert support. On one of my sites there was a misbehaving plugin which was conflicting with the player. The player was fine, but the programming on the other 3rd party plugin was flawed. They went in and fixed the other party's plugin and resolved the issue quickly.

I'll be using this module for all of my sites going forward.

Thanks ...Rowby
byrowby, May 23, 2014
Responsive Grid for Articles
I happily discovered this extension and have enabled it on two different client's site, earning their applause as if I was a genius. :)

The photo display is stunning.

BTW the demo on the demo site at site takes some time to load, but that is only the way their demo system is set up. The actual extension loads right away.

The developer helped me with some modifications I needed to make. And stuck with me as I went back and forth in the forum. A quality extension, and prompt and friendly and expert support. That is something I value!
byrowby, April 30, 2014
Admin Forever
I can't believe I've used this great little plugin all these years and never gave it the great review it deserves.

I install this in all my joomla sites. It keeps me, as SuperAdministrator logged in and keeps me from being kicked out.

This lets me set a low session time in Joomla's control panel, which is what we want for site security.

Before I had this plug in I would set my sessions for much too long a time.

This fixes all of that.

Thanks for this gem!

byrowby, April 11, 2014
This is a really good extension. A lot easier than trying to do 301 redirects via an htaccess file. In an htaccess file if you make a mistake you could end up with an internal error.
With ReDJ you won’t have to know anything about htaccess or other programming tricks to redirect a page.
First of all you're making your changes via a user friendly admin panel rather than editing the htaccess file in notepad – which if you make a mistake the results can take your site down.
ALSO for those who use Godaddy hosting where the htaccess file is not always updated immediately (Godaddy's updates to htaccess file can take up to an hour) the changes in ReDJ take place instantly. The changes made in ReDJ are not written to the htacces file.
Also you can publish and unpublish your redirects which can be handy.
A great extension that I know you will like.
Recommended by Rowby!
byrowby, November 25, 2013
JUX Background Slideshow
I was looking for a way to change my background images in a random order. I tried a few others, but had various issues, including control bars showing in Internet Explorer, etc. I was already using JUX Slideshow and liked that product as well as their personal support.

Basically it does what it says. It can show the background image in various ways, for example stretching it if necessary, etc etc.

My client likes it and works nicely.

After I installed it I made a suggestion regarding random image capability. Within a day or so they added that feature to the module.

I recommend JUX Background Slideshow.

byrowby, September 14, 2013
Migrate Me
I found that Migrate Me is very straight forward. Not a bunch of settings, just upload the mysql file and select what tables you want to migrate. In my case, basically the content and front page files. The transfer kept the article ID's so that all of my links still worked. I had a big mysql file that required a simple modification of my memory limits on my server (easily fixed via Cpanel), and was guided through it from the helpful developer. I'll be using this for all similar migrations. ...Rowby
Joom Donation
I had installed the program two days before the big annual fundraiser for a elementary school. It was working perfectly except for one item. I put in a support ticket and within minutes the developer went into the site and saw that I had missed a configuration item. He corrected it and everything is now working fine. The fundraiser is tomorrow and the school is very happy! This is what I call first class, five-star support. It was very late at night at the developer's time zone, but he did the fix for me because of the tight deadline. Not only is it an excellent component, but equally important it clearly has devoted support from the developer. ...Rowby
byrowby, July 2, 2013
Admin Tools Professional
If there were an Joomla Academy Awards, AdminTools would win “Best Extension” and developer Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos would receive a Joomla Oscar.
I have reviewed quite a few Joomla components over the years but AdminTools Professional is the most important extension and the absolute first extension you must install.
What’s the use of installing a zillion great components and goodies – only to later find that all your hours and weeks and months of hard work has been destroyed because your site was hacked. By installing Admin Tools Professional first you can be ensured that your site is as safe as can be. Yes, you still need to be viligent and must educate yourself about Joomla security. An essential first start would be to read the documentation that comes with AdminTools, as well as Nickolas various articles and blogs. AdminTools is a solid foundation to ensure your site’s security.
Although I had great experiences with developer Nicholas’ excellent Joomla Akeeba Backup, I was nervous about installing a security component. I was worried it would be so complicated that I would only make things worse. But as it turned out installing Admin Tools was easy and activating its many security features, including the Web Application Firewall was a no-brainer. Taking advantage of its advanced features in the Pro version was easy too – especially the important .htaccess Maker, which further bulletproofs your site from spammers and hackers.
Equally important is the support Nickolas provides on the ticket forum. Nicholas provides expert and patient help – and listens to suggestions and has frequent updates which make AdminTools even better.
I am very happy I discovered AdminTools Professional. Do yourself a favor. Get it!!
byrowby, February 9, 2013
n3t Coming Soon
I needed to hide everything on my client's development site. Including the template.

This worked in 5 seconds. Installed it. Enabled the plugin.

Choose a "Get" word and then the site is hidden to everyone except those who know the "Get" word. Can have multiple Get words for different people. Or can use a static ip as access to the development site. These are just a few of the features. You can have a custom HTML page -- but I chose the default page.

Simple Spotlight
I needed an image rotator that would load quickly, and used images rather than relying of flash or pseudo-flash.

Encouraged by the reviews I installed this one. Worked real nicely. You upload your images to the module's image directory and then, within the module choose which images you want and what order, as well as an overall transition.

Thanks for this well thought through module.

byrowby, July 24, 2011
SP Upgrade
I was dreading transitioning from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.7. In my Joomla 1.5 site I had a ton of articles, some in categories and sections, meta tags, image folders, modules, etc. etc.

I installed SP Upgrade on my development server. Did the easy configuration to import the data and database from the old site. And pushed the button and within minutes my site was migrated to my development server.

What would have taken days took minutes!

Highly recommended by Rowby!!
byrowby, April 1, 2011
DB Replacer
I just added some YouTube code to a 30 pages of a website, and then got a call from the client who decided he wanted a different video.

I scrambled to the Joomla Extensions site, hoping to find a true find and replace that would make changes in the mysql database.

And I found this GEM! Works really nice with a preview of what you are replacing.

I easily replaced one YouTube video ID with the new one. In seconds!

Of course you should backup your database first because we all know what surprises can happen when we do a find and replace. I use good old Akeeba Backup to to the backup first and then I ran DB Replacer.

This gem is an example of the great open source extensions that us end users need to thank talented developers, such as NoNumber -- the author of this valuable Joomla component.

byrowby, January 2, 2011
Easy Joomla Paypal
Got a call from a client who wanted to pay me via paypal. I found this module, downloaded it and installed it. Set a few permameters and in 5 minutes had a nice paypal button on my site.

Parameters include confirmation page, ability to use Paypal button or text button. Recommended by Rowby!
byrowby, November 23, 2010
ARI Ext Menu
Extremely flexible horizontal and vertical menu. The module has many configurations and a style box which lets you override any default menu styles.

In addition the author's support on the forum is incredible.

byrowby, May 7, 2010
ARI Sexy Lightbox
I am too often turned off by glitzy but pointless galleries.

This one is perfect. Very easy to use. All kinds of useful configurations.

I was especially impressed with the extension's built-in, easy to follow documentation. No need to have to find the website to get the essential documentation.

In my case I got it working in about 4 minutes.

Looks great!

Search & Replace for Joomla!
I had to make a minor but time consuming change on a website on many pages. (I had to remove an inadvertent extra spacing between paragraphs).

It would have taken my hours to make the changes.

With this component I put the HTML that I wanted to change in the "top box" and the replacement HTML in the bottom box. I hit the button and in seconds my mysql database was updated.

I've looked for a component like this for years, for Joomla. It arrived here in the extensions library just when I needed it!

Highly recommended!

byrowby, April 27, 2010
Add to Menu
I just found this little gem.

What a time saver.

It installs instantly. Adds a button on the article page that you see as soon as you Apply an article. Select your menu item and it's finished. Cuts down on those tedious treks to the boring Menu Manager.

byrowby, April 2, 2010
Vinaora Cu3er
Any Joomla programmer should review this extension as an example of an intelligently thought-out module.

The module itself has built in documentation right within the module. There is a link right in the module to the website for further help.

And the module is elegantly designed for both a newbie who may not understand xml, and for the advanced user who is comfortable in xml.


byrowby, March 10, 2010
This is a very well thought-out extension. Andre, the developer, knows what he is doing. It's easy to set up and install, with lots of nice parameters and advance parameters.

Also great is you can set your image as a background image if you want. That is really cool!

And, keep in mind, you don't have to use this only for headers. You can use it for any image where you would like the flexibility (such as easily making your image a background image) that Flexheader3 provides.

Bravo to Andre.

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