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byrowby, March 3, 2010
Get this plugin. I installed it and it worked perfectly.

I'm installing it in all of my sites. Not only is it great for client article screwups, it's also great for the webmaster. I am more willing to make test changes knowing that there is a list of backups of the articles -- just a click away.

Highly recommended!

byrowby, February 3, 2010
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This is such a nice and simple plugin.
I needed to add a nofollow tag to some individual articles (I didn't want to have a global nofollow tag). With this plugin activated I put the following in my certain individual articles:
{tag}{/tag} -- and, PRESTO!, after saving the article in the source code was

Easy Script
I had a problem pasting javascript into the usual custom html module. No matter what my Editor settings it messed up the code.

Installed this module, pasted in the javascript -- it didn't mess up the code -- worked perfectly.

You need this simple but perfect module in your Joomla bag of tricks.

Thanks, Developer!

Owner's reply

Jaja Rowby when you need it, you love it!

byrowby, April 2, 2009
So I get a call from one of my clients saying that he basically wants a global change for his entire site. I would have had to go thorugh hundreds of pages making the minor but time-consuming change.

I considered doing a seach and replace via the exported mysql file. But I didn't want to take that drastic step. I remembered seeing this plugin and downloaded it. Installed it in 2 minutes and 5 minutes later the global change was finished.

Now I can goof off the rest of the day!

Thanks, ReReplacer and all of the incredible Joomla Open Source developers for giving us great tools like this gem!

iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
First of all it looks really nice on the site. Easy for the visitor and will impress your client.

Importantly the developer is very dedicated and did a fix for me very quickly.
byrowby, March 3, 2009
Content Templater
If you find yourself retyping the same content over and over get this baby. You create various snippets in the component and then at the bottom of your editor you see the title of each snippet, so you can select it - and it's pasted in wherever you want it to go.

I'm using it for one site, and have another site where my client needs to put in some specific content on many pages. Now the client can just select the generic snippet from the menu and paste it in -- no mistakes, no spelling errors, etc.
byrowby, January 5, 2009
mavik Thumbnails
What a great timesaver. No more making thumbnails by hand for your articles. No paramenters, you just insert your full size image and resize it. The plug-in senses it and creates the thumbnail invisibly behind the scenes. It's MAGIC!

I am using the Joomla Modal setting in the plugin because the Slimbox had a small conflict.

Important: If all you see is a link instead of a thumbnail, just use JoomlaXplorer or similar component to change the thumbnail component to writable.

byrowby, January 1, 2009
I use this extension on a site where internal linking is important for SEO. First step is I select an internal article and decide on which keywords on the page should be automatically linked to other pages on the site. Then automatically any page that has the same keywords will will be text linked to that page. All of this is customizable by Section and Category.

Even more terrific is the incredible support. Submit a ticket and the response is quick.

And they listen to users suggestions. I made a suggestion and two days later it was incorporated into their latest update. It was not a simple suggestion and I am sure it required some serious programming.

I rated this component Excellent. I would rate it even higher if it was possible. Excellemente!

...Rowby Goren
byrowby, August 18, 2008
This is a real simple and effective module to add to just about any site. The module has a drop donw where you can pick from a large section quotes of all types (funny, serious etc.) fed from different quote sites.

It's a no-brainer and will keep your visitors entertained, amused and inspired. :)
byrowby, January 20, 2007
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When not using Joomla do you currently use Dreamweaver or Front Page to create your forms?

Then do yourself a favor and get this component. It is soooo much easier to use. You just create your form in Dreamweaver or similar web program and copy and paste the html into the admin panel. (Design it any way you want, using tables, or whatever you like.)

Being used to creating my forms in Dreamweaver, ChronoForms is SOOOOO much ESASIER than all of the other components I've used here in the Joomla extension library. And it's free.

One thing to keep in mind. When linking to the ChronoForm in the Joomla menu system, use the URL link (not the component link). Use this example link index.php?option=com_chronocontact&chronoformname=myformname (replace "myformname" with the name of the form you have given it in the ChronoForm admin panel.)

As they say on the net, CHEERS and LOL!

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