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byroyce, February 20, 2012
RSform Pro
I looked at the other form components, and I was somewhat hesitant to go with RSFP because I didn't want my users to be scared by the coding samples on the demo pages.

My main requirement is conditional fields, and today, 2/20/11, RSJoomla just announced that they now support these fields without requiring JavaScript knowledge!

If you use the ticket system, the support is outstanding. Forum support is sketchy, but you may get lucky and find an existing answer to your question.

My only quibble so far is the undocumented features such as the event triggers. I was very upset at first because I thought I had to use the built in edit boxes to perform additional form processing, but when I looked at some plugins, I noticed that the component did use the Joomla! event system.
byroyce, August 23, 2011
jQuery++ Integrator
It seems like a good plugin and the support also seems to be topnotch.

Not sure why it adds a reference to the product to your applications generator head tag though???
byroyce, January 29, 2011
Pretty good plugin to add some more functions to K2 Extra Fields. There should be more documentation on exactly how to use each one of the options. For example, I had to read the code to figure out how to specify the field for the Google Map.

Also, maybe the optional Google Map plugin is changed, because This K2 extra Fields plugin gives an error message saying that the Google map plugin is not installed (even though it is installed and enabled). The problem is that this plugin is looking for the Google map plugin in the content directory when it is actually in the system directory.

Since there is no forum, hopefully this may helps someone else that has this issue.
byroyce, December 14, 2010
My RSS Reader
Over all, pretty good RSS reader. Couple of things that might not be clear: You must select the category of the RSS feed or it won't be shown on the front end. Also some untrapped errors show up if you try to add the same feed 2x or if you don't put up a name.

I tried to register on the site forum to add my comments but kept getting an error message about unable to open socket.

The major problem I had, which others also reported is that if you have a strong '.htaccess' file (like the kind described in Nikolas' 'It takes a Ninja to Kill a Ninja' in the Joomla! Magazine, then this component wont work. It seems the component needs access to some files that would normally be locked out via a strong .htaccess file. You get an OS error message saying you don't have permission to access a file no matter what you set the permissions to.

Hopefully the developer can take a look at that story in the magazine and come up with an override that will allow this component to work with that type of .htaccess file.
byroyce, September 9, 2010
What can I add to the existing comments? After a period of time struggling with other components, here is one that works well, does what it says, no need for a manual, etc. etc. etc.

The developer even took the time to add the extra polish on the administration side.

byroyce, November 6, 2006
Z Weather
Hi there, overall its a pretty good component. Got it installed and working easily. You have to navigate the Governments weather pages if you want to add your own locations, but thats not too hard once you get the hang of it.

The issue I have is with the cron job. I just cant seem to get it working (I get errors on argc and argv variables). I'm trying to contact the developer, but no luck yet.

4 of 5 stars so far