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byrpierce, December 8, 2012
When I switched from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5, I found myself searching for a good audio player. This one is easy to install and performs beautifully. Commedia has the bonus of providing a playlist of all the mp3's in any folder. It takes all the information from the ID3 in files and display it in the playlist. Also, the download button actually works! Lots of configuration options. Easy to install in artilces.
byrpierce, March 14, 2011
DT Register
I've been using DTRegister for 11 months. I needed a little help to get started, but the response from tech support was great. I had an issue lately, but contacting tech support this morning (by submitting a ticket) I got a quick, friendly, and very help response! Everything is working great! I would highly recommend this product. They are constantly updating/upgrading. The latest upgrade now makes it ppossible to create events without's now an option! And in some cases this solves a lot of problems!