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byrrhode, November 30, 2010
EasyBlog will take your site and turn it into a blogging portal. Your visitors can sign up and post blogs of their own if you like. You can change a lot of things in the options and set it to integrate with a lot of things too.

It migrates from Joomla articles and from SmartBlog and will integrate with CB and JomSocial and some different comment systems. It also has integration for Twitter with URLs, TweetMeme, Facebook, Google Buzz, Feedburner, Sharethis and Addthis. You also can set it to use avatars from other systems.

It also can even be hooked to post a tweet on Twitter automatically when you blog so you can not have to worry about doing that yourself.

Visitors can subscribe to posts, categories, or even specific bloggers which is pretty cool.

I have used a lot of extensions for Joomla, and a lot of software in general. Maybe it's because I am a PHP developer who has loved Joomla for a long time, maybe its because I just have bad luck. But I tend to find bugs in everything. However, with EasyBlog I didn't have this problem. It was stable, reliable, and just worked. I am actually really impressed. They have clearly done a lot of work on this system.

The only thing I had a slight problem with was the new slow loading speed and size of page loads but once I tweaked the header image in the default EasyBlog theme and removed my extra jquery lib from loading from some other extension and moved all the extra junk I had loading in unrelated modules on the side of the page load times were much quicker again. Hardly the fault of EasyBlog. I should not put so much stuff on one page to begin with.

Another good thing is that when you buy EasyBlog you will be able to use it on unlimited websites. They will even install it for you on the first one. Then they give you a years support.

I never really blogged much before but now that it is easier and works the way it should it actually makes me want to blog. I think I will have to go blog some more about something right now.

Go blog with EasyBlog!
byrrhode, March 23, 2010
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This extension, while new, has much potential. It gives a site another path for visitors to interact and provide valuable feedback and I really like that. Especially that they can bribe you with money.

Once I fixed up the problems with it not working on my server I submitted the fixes to Josh who was very enthusiastic about recieving feedback and incorporating my suggestions.

Expect future releases to work even better and have even more useful features.
byrrhode, October 24, 2009
This extension is just amazing! I am glad I found it. It will change the way I create websites from now on. It definitely makes things easier. Thank you!