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byrslyra, March 9, 2012
I am a new user in SobiPro, but I'm very pleased.

There is too much to talk, but there is still much that I do not know of, so I'll highlight some points.

business - the business solution, pay for a support period, it is very cool. Can I pay one month, three months or a year. Paid according to my need. If you think you are TOO smart, get the software and go a ahead. I am not.

forums - very active. Some precise answers, other well-intentioned. The response time varies from one day to a few hours. This is very important, shows the vitality of the community.

flexibility - I wanted a flexible tool. A tool that could solve my problem, but that was not a closed solution, I could customize. So far, it's much more than I need.

Finally I have to say some things about me. I've worked with COBOL and MUMPS (you knew this? Really?). So I'm not the most current web developer, to say little. PHP and HTML are ok, but I need to find a good book of Xsl. Still, I'm doing well with SobiPro.