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byrtenhave34, June 9, 2011
Universal AJAX Live Search
My second module from these guys and I can only add to my review of the first: this is a great piece of work and on top of that excellent support. Due to a complex (Rockettheme) template it did not work right after install, but 20 minutes(!!!) later it did through excellent follow-up on my support ticket.

More than worth the money!
byrtenhave34, April 22, 2011
RedShop is much much more than a shopping cart, and maybe a background in financial software and logistics makes me adverse to the term. For me, Redshop is a full blown e-commerce solution (with a e-CRM one on the way, if I'm not mistaken!) which fulfills on the promises of letting you setup a online commercial presence and start generating money.

My customer is starting it's first webshop in a region where she will be the first to do so in a major way, with a very recognizable web-presence and therefore we decided to make use of the Rockettheme Mercando and Redshop combination. We have not regretted it and are very close to opening day.

Yes, there are still some issues to iron out, but overall the app is becoming more stable and a definitive plus is the way that the support team is not only able to help you, but to actually suprise you by sending a mail stating: We have changed this for you, please see if it works!

Worth every penny you spend and has raised the bar for other apps out there, including VM!
byrtenhave34, June 20, 2010
I had this extension for some time and, to be honest, did not exactly know how to rightlyu use it. Untill the moment came that I needed a menumodule in a website with an "exciting" colorscheme... SWmenuFree did the job in one go, impressing me greatly!

The missing fifth star is because of the impression that is created when submitting a "Module Name". To me it would mean that I can use the settings of one designed menu to use for another one and by changing the Module name field are able to create a second instance.. That doesn't seem to work, however. If that is a complete assumption on my part, then consider this a 5 star review!
Owner's reply

swMenuFree only supports one menu module. For multiple menu modules and more menu systems and features you need swMenuPro.

byrtenhave34, June 18, 2010
Phoca Guestbook
One of the reviews alerted me to the right path for setting configuration parameters, otherwise I would not have been that happy with this Mod. The way it stands now, however, is that because of the way you can configure this, I was able to show this exactly as I wanted, in a flash!

Kudoos to Jan, great Extension!!