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byrthwebmaster, September 16, 2009
Have you ever been logged in to your site and noticed that a friend of yours was logged in as well...ever wanted to get their attention? This add-on is awesome. Displays who is online, with the click of a button you can send them a message no matter what page of your site they are on (even if there on a page where the chat isn't displayed). This app is very much worth every penny! I would recommend this app to everyone!

The only suggestion I would have to make to the authors, it would be great if you would add a "send" button to the bottom of the chat window.
A few times I have run in to a problem when I press the enter key and it drops to the next line instead of actually sending the message. (IE & FireFox). It happens on such a rare occasion though its not really a problem.
Owner's reply

Suggestion noted & added to feature tracker. We'll try to get a send button in & reproduce the issue you have reported.

Thanks !