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byrubenpv, October 10, 2014
BT Slideshow Pro
A great extension, but an amazing support, I must say I had purchase many extension and I got good and bad support, but this one was excellent.
I´m happy to say it´s the best service I got so far, 100% recommend it.
byrubenpv, August 29, 2013
Great Component, I use other ones but this one rocks, the support is just amazing, every question I made was answer...
It worked great for me..
byrubenpv, July 4, 2013
Flexible - Responsive Joomla 3D Slideshow
Its just what I need it, I tried a few other ones and I really like this one the best...

byrubenpv, May 19, 2012
Great, super easy to use, nice, is just the best outthere..
The cost is reasonable and the result just amazing...
byrubenpv, October 28, 2011
ARI Sexy Lightbox
Is just what I need it...

Simple to use and it works on all the browsers...
byrubenpv, September 18, 2011
There´s lots of SM extension out there, but this one has alot of diferent type of icons. wich makes it easy for the webmaster...

an All in one I may say..

byrubenpv, January 18, 2011
Youtube Gallery
You can´t ask for anything else really...

I would like to have the link to buy the licence and take off the logo more on hand, I went in and out fast and I didnt see it...

Other than that thank you so much, for me is one of the best extension for Joomla I have ever use..

byrubenpv, January 15, 2011
ITPSocial Buttons
Great Extension guys.. thank you so much for sharing...

Just 3 observations that I will like on it if you take sugestions...

The option of taking the 2 lines
option to choose with sn show
and left, center our right

I think with those it will be simple the best one..

Owner's reply

Thank you very much!!! :)
I did several improvements, including your suggestions.

byrubenpv, November 4, 2010
Akeeba Backup
This is just amazing!!!..

It doesn´t get any easier...

This is a great tool, thank you guys...
byrubenpv, May 25, 2010
Vip Portfolio
Great, easy fast to use...

Just one question, how do I get the ligthbox view to work??...

Owner's reply

Thanks! :)

You can turn on the Lightbox by settings. Just set "Yes" for option "Use modal window".

byrubenpv, May 21, 2010
Social Media Icon Links
It can´t ge any easier...

Just great...

Thank you so much...
byrubenpv, April 18, 2010
This is just great..

Thank you so much...

Just a question if I want to change the color of it??? like at you tube gives you that opiton??

Owner's reply

Hi rubenpv,

There are currently no options for that. This was originally built to just be a simple way to add YouTube videos to a site, and I didn't want to complicate it with too many options. That's a good idea for a future release, though.


byrubenpv, April 2, 2010
This is in my opinion the best gallery for joomla, super easy to use, fast, is just a great gift..

I only had alittle problem trying to make it work froma folder, so for everyone who want to use it heres the tags



simple manual insert photos


Thnak you for such a great plugin
byrubenpv, April 1, 2010
GK Weather
Super easy to sue, great look, nice size..

It would be great to have the option to show it horizontal...

but other than that is great...

byrubenpv, February 4, 2010
VJ Templates Login
Is super easy to use and it looks great...

Keep the good work
byrubenpv, January 18, 2010
This is the shit...

I had some problems trying to edit a conatct form for a client....
I work hard for over a week until I found this beauty...
The only problem I see, is when you try to edit the code....
didnt work I had to delete it and redoit (witch is not a problem)...

Maybe is just me but that was it...

Other than that, is just amazing...

Thank you...