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byrudedog, March 14, 2007
I really needed to extend the functions of the Joomla menu system. I've recently taken over a site with a dhtml menu system and it was driving the users crazy, they hate it. I currently have three sites and was looking for a solution that would fit all three. This seemed to be the answer to my problems. I downloaded it, the install went perfect, then i went to work on the set up. That is where the problems began. is there such a thing as to many
features? This module has settings for everything but the kitchen sink. that would not normally be a bad thing, most are very useful, and many were exactually what i need. but the implementation of them is way to complex. even after hours of working with the menus i still could not get a simple menu to fit into any of my templates. so far i have yet to achieve even one of the effects that are shown on the demo site. at this point i don't believe i ever will either, simply because at one point the menu simply disappeared and i cant seem to find it. its just gone. no matter how many times i move it,publish, unpublish, and redo the settings its just hiding somewhere.
while i would not recommend this to anyone it has great potential, it looks like a huge amount of work has been done, and im looking forward to a stable release. this one is most definitely not stable.
one thing that does have me both confused and amused at the same time is the fact that in selection box for the menu type it says "horizontal(not recommended)" "vertical(not recommended)" and there is another option that is not recommended. lets see, if the developer doesn't recommend these options, what does he recommend? all my other menus use one of those options. perhaps im missing out on a new fad, disappearing diagonal menus. :)
whats more confusing then the module is the fact that this is an editors pick. how? why?