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byrushin2, June 15, 2014
We have conducted extensive search of a Cart/Shop for our non-profit website and the choice was eShop as the top contender. Simplicity, Cost, Support were the top values considered.
One year later - our feedback is that it has been absolutely good choice. Besides support being fast in their communications, on occasional basis they modified our shop to the requirements we desired - they went into back-end and made all the changes for us. The best part of that experience was their friendliness and willingness to help and to make us succeed. We did not mind to pay them small fee (that we offered to them) for their time and effort.
The outstanding part was that with small cost associated with purchasing component and a theme was that it is supported for a full year. So, when a new version has become available - no worries - we had a new version available via download section.
Giang has been very prompt in her responses and offers to us true customer support. Including switching and offering new theme for the eShop, yet we purchased a wrong type of theme - everything is possible with them, including manual adjustments - common sense-type of customer support.

Thank You for offering outstanding product and supporting it at such great level of service!
We have realized that numerous articles on our site had no meta whatsoever. This free plugin does good job at producing correct meta data. Instead of numerous hours of correcting issue or go into paid solutions - this developer had an interesting approach to create meta. Script is strong. Thank YOU!!!
byrushin2, October 25, 2013
Easy Embed Video
We have been searching for a simple plugin that will work flawlessly - this is the ONE. Ability to link so many video streams through this plugin is amazing! We did not expect that even though it is a free extension, to have a copyright removal option in plugin settings. Developer needs to add donate on their site, so we feel good about removing credits (!).

HIGHLY RECOMMEND for J2.5 and J3.0!!!
byrushin2, April 10, 2012
CoalaWeb Traffic
After utilizing several components/modules/plugins in J1.5 and now J2.5, we came across this extension.

The component is rather simple and lays out all visitors IP information in four columns. No thrills.

Module is as customizable as it gets from custom messages displayed to ability to eliminate horizontal line. We left the link to the developer as this FREE extension (limited code - very fast loads) deserves HIGH ratings.

It took less than 2 minutes to get it up and going without reading any documentation.

Owner's reply

Thanks for giving CeltaWeb Traffic such a glowing review, this type of feedback is what keeps us developers releasing things to the community. If you have any ideas for improvements drop by our forum and let us know.

byrushin2, March 26, 2012
Ultimate Feed Display
Upon researching and installing numerous modules (free), we have exhausted our patience and gave this module a try after paying 8 euros (for a full year of support and 7 euros to renew).

The feed displays are customized. Multiple feeds on one page - no problem! And the best part - it WORKS "out the box." Support is outstanding (fast replies). We highly recommend this module.

Thank You for developing this module and continuing your support into j2.5!
byrushin2, March 23, 2012
This module/plugin was utilized on our j1.5 site and it served well with easy-to-set-up interface and controlling how many images pre-load in the position. Enlarges images in a pop-up. We are very happy that the developers maintain this extension and upgraded to j2.5! We will send a donation for this FREE extension.
byrushin2, February 2, 2012
Qlue Custom 404
Upon realizing that K2 component articles have been deleted - a lot of broken links from indexing were noticed. While re-indexing is taking place, it was imperative to "fix" all the broken links directing to the site.

Tried the non-commercial version and it work "out the box." Realizing the value of this extension, we have upgraded to their commercial version for 19 bux. FAST fix for all the broken links (including 500's) - less than 10 minutes - the site is fully functional. That was done without reading their documentation. The only thing we are still struggling is assigning modules to custom pages - perhaps it is time to read the manual... :)
byrushin2, November 10, 2011
I have been searching on a last minute notice for a such plugin. After giving a try to multiple options, registering to various sites, I almost gave-up on the idea of automating geo location to a certain set of one particular category.

I was expecting a button on an editor or something to that resort, but instead the article's "key references" field in preferences is utilized. If you keep a separate tab opened with geo location finder (google) to get coordinates - this is the only "downfall" to productivity I saw at this particular plugin.

The parameter sets are amazing and in-depth. Very clean look and polished interface for an admin.

This plugin works flawlessly. No waste of time!

I Thank You for keeping this plugin free! I will not bother removing that clean link under maps - KUDO's on great work!
Owner's reply

Hi rushin2, in ContentMap for Joomla 2.5 there's an integrated system to insert the geo coordinates, so no more separate tab to get geo coordinates ;)

byrushin2, March 31, 2011
ITPSocial Buttons
Fantastic plugin! Exactly what we were seeking! Simple and adjustable to any template. Very good choices of design. Simple installation (no manuals needed) for those who are not seeking modifications of code, etc!


p.s. Now - please install "donate for coffee" - it's reasonable to contribute a few bux for such great outside-the-box solution!
byrushin2, February 20, 2011
This is by far one of the best and simplest solutions I have come across on the web. No more digging into .php files. For those who are "teapots" in Joomla (extensive technical knowledge) - this component is a definite treasure!

Thank You for this component - it worked like magic! Updated table prefixes on two sites within 3 minutes!

A word of advice - to integrate "buy me coffee" into "about" page.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.
This is a good idea.

byrushin2, January 12, 2011
Marco's SQL Injection
Upon installation of this plugin, I noticed an attack with SQL injection exploting Rokdownloads module. Some of the information is provided via automated e-mail notification - where the attack is originated from, etc. (see example below)

Today there were 126 attacks from different servers within USA trying to inject the strings into joomlub? No such component has been installed, so it was a blind attack. Strange.

Keep in mind - our site is non-profit - what is the point of crashing our site? NONE...

THANK YOU, Marco!!! May this Great Karma find its way back to you tenfold!

Here is an example of some of the info from e-mail notification from one of the attacks:



Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)



** SUPERGLOBALS DUMP (sanitized)