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byrussbo, November 20, 2013
JSE Donation
Basically, an awesome component. It allows you to manage many different donation charity events, which they refer to as "campaigns". The modules allow you to list the various donors and publish them on your website. The component is well organized and easy to understand. I had found one problem with the way the site owner handled "offline" donations; the developer immediately and promptly responded and fixed it. The Paypal gateway works fine, I did not use the other gateway that is incorporated into this component. My users have commented as to how professional this whole donation aspect of my site is.

Overall, you can't go wrong with this. It's worth every penny. Truly a very professional functioning and appearing component that does the job competently and superbly.
byrussbo, September 21, 2011
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Reset Hits
Works great for all articles, but is there any chance of altering this so that individual articles can be reset? It would solve the problem of 404 pages being viewed consistently in the "Most Popular" module.
byrussbo, August 27, 2011
SP Upgrade
Works extremely well, even for a site with close to a thousand articles and almost five hundred menu items, with thousands of users. It migrated my 1.5 joomla to 1.7, including the image files and some modules, even remembering to put those modules in their original places. And with the unexpected server timeouts, the process can be restarted without issue as the extension keeps track of its progress. Just superb; well worth the money.